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Sun In Cancer

Sun In Cancer

You’re a homelover and a homemaker. Home is somewhere you can retire to, a real haven where you can get away from it all. What takes place on the domestic front, colours your life outside it,for the atmosphere and events at home dictate how you should face the world on other levels.

You have a strong desire to screen not only yourself but others from potentially adverse influences. Sometimes you’re accused of being overprotective, as others might think you’re preventing them from living through normal experience. It’s not that you’re fearful, or anything like that; rather, you want to preserve those people and things for whom you have an affection. You want to keep them just as they are -perfect.

At work you can be very ambitious – even ruthless -in getting to where you want to be. You can easily form alliances for the sake of convenience, and just as easily break them. Some people think you’re a chameleon, always changing colour with circumstance! One thing, though, which never changes, is your tenacity and commitment to your goals. People admire you for this.

Being an emotional creature, you’re often given to moods. These can last for minutes or days. No-one, not even you, can tell how long they’ll take to pass. Moods are not necessarily an indication of depression, or any serious psycho-emotional condition. In a way, they’re again a form of self-protection, as they allow you to block off external pressures and influences until you’ve gathered your normal composure. Look at moods as a time of reflection, a time when you are weighing up your experiences in preparation for the changes that are about to take place.

The Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer and the fastest moving object in the zodiac. Every two and a half days the Moon crosses over into a new sign taking about twenty-eight days to complete the full cycle. During this cycle your moods and feelings can fluctuate with the changing signs. By keeping a monthly diary in relation to the cycle of the Moon you could identify how these rythmic patterns affect you and then use this awareness in your planning.

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