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Venus in Aries

Just because you like someone, it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t give them a sharp back-hander if they got on the wrong side of  you! Just because you like a peaceful life, it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t go to war to defend it! In other words: strong feelings, strong methods of self-protection. In love, you have a most powerful sense of conviction, and you express your feelings persuasively; indeed, perhaps too intensely for some. You say what you mean and you mean what you say and, should anyone be incautious enough to cross you, you will strike out at them quick as a flash. The thing is you can sometimes do this without thinking enough about the why’s and wherefore’s, and this can damage relationships sometimes beyond repair. You must be careful not to scald that which you love just because your feelings are so often close to the boiling-point.

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