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Venus in Taurus

In love, you are dependable and steadfast. When you fasten your affections on someone, you mean it, and you will stand by your convictions through thick and thin. The beauty of it all is that you do not develop your attachments overnight: rather, they begin as seedlings and are nourished within you until, having grown with the fullness of time, they flower into something wonderful. Nothing flippant here! Some, however, may find you at times a bit too backward in coming forward and, indeed, you yourself may sometimes regret that you’re not more rash in love. But, once bitten forever smitten, and you’ll stay with that feeling until it fades -if it ever does, that is! Anyway, what you might lack in being flamboyant, you make up for in a strong appreciation of things artistic and beautiful: when it comes to choosing a member of the opposite sex, you have the eye of an artist!

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