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Sun In Leo

Sun In Leo

You do love a party, don’t you? If there’s a good time to be had, you’re there. You love all the glitter and glamour, the eye contact and the innuendo, the telling of tall stories. And why not? What’s wrong with wanting to escape for a while, to a world where everything’s possible? Nothing of course, as long as it doesn’t become a habit, that is!

You’re a very proud creature, and you don’t suffer fools lightly. The worst insult you can suffer is public embarrassment. The person who inflicts that kind of humiliation on you is your enemy for life. You guard your personal dignity and self-esteem fiercely.

Your love of colour and parade draws you to such things as the theatre. The flamboyant display of big emotions by larger-than -life characters, and the elevated language which often accompanies such performances, all cater for your admiration of the grand event. Indeed, big subjects need big people, and you have a great respect for heroes and heroines, on or off the stage.

It would bore you to sit around and theorize for too long. You’re full of ideas and have the confidence to translate them into action. Impetuosity and impatience, however, sometimes lead you to leap before looking. It would bring you even greater respect if you were to sit down and think things through perhaps a bit more often. You’ll find that this will result in your plans being more effective and therefore longer-lasting.

Leo is the sign of creative expression and the Sun is symbolic of the inner identity. It is important to you that you have an outlet for your creativity to flow through. To a certain extent you identify more with what you create than just the person you feel you are. Therefore it is healthy for you to take the limelight now and then. Whether it is some physical object you have created or a more personal expression of what you feel deep inside, it is the principle of showing yourself to others, creatively, which is the essence of Leo.

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