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Venus in Libra

It is very important for you to be in a relationship, for partners keep you emotionally balanced in that they supply you with a glass wherein you can see yourself. It is human instinct, of course, to see oneself from another’s point of view, and there is nothing wrong in that. The trouble with you is that you can want a peek-a-boo all too often, seeking out social occasions in order to meet new people who will provide you with a new perspective on your image! Still, you have a good communicative ability, and the exchange of words and ideas at these events is as much a stimulation to you as any other aspect and this, in part, goes some way toward justifying your cluttered social calendar, for at least you’re learning as you go. As you are likely, also, to have a strong aesthetic sense, surely heaven for you would be to have a partner who loves partying, gossip and the arts!

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