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Venus in Sagittarius

Imagine yourself at a party in ancient mythological Greece, surrounded by drunken satyrs and wantonly bandoned nymphs. See the character who’s got a partner on either arm and a glass in each hand, laughing uproariously at bawdy jokes? Well, that’s you! Of course, we are not being literally descriptive here; you are not necessarily an uncontrollable libertine. We are painting an exaggerated picture merely to make a point. The point is that you like a good time! Nevertheless, and not with standing this love of riot, in a relationship you are usually the most loyal of creatures, with a highly developed sense of morality. Indeed, you live by your principles more than most, because your moral code is almost impossible to compromise. Therefore, you expect from your partner the same degree of honesty and fidelity for, despite all your expansive and enthusiastic dispensation of affection, you do not double-cross, nor do you deceive those whom you truly love. The thing is, though, you do have to love them – otherwise, look out!

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