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Venus in Capricorn

Others might think you’re reserved, but your partner knows different. In a social context, you often put on an outward show of formality – restraint bordering on discipline – but, privately, you express your affections in a most feelingful and passionate way. It’s just that you have a strong sense of decorum, of how people should act in public: that is, with tact and discretion. It goes without saying, therefore, that you would be unlikely to make a display of your feelings, not because you are prudish, but because this would simply offend your idea of good conduct. Your strong moral code is indeed a guiding light to your partner. Because you live by your own set of ethics, you have the authority born from someone who knows their own mind. You may be an absolute renegade in every other area of your life but, in a relationship, you are a person of principle and integrity!

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