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Venus in Aquarius

You have a love of large social gatherings where people from every corner of the earth, and from all walks of life, can come together on an equal footing and share their common humanity. Your love-partner often wonders whether you’ve lost your sense of perspective, for you are fond of dragging them into these group situations when they’d much rather be at home just with you and the cat! You have a tendency to incorporate your feelings into the realm of intellect; sometimes, indeed, you are too ‘mental’ when, really, you should be more emotional. This is the reason for others possibly regarding you at as lacking emotional fervour, especially on a one-to-one basis when the instinctive response is so important. Nevertheless, it’s because of your idealism – which, after all, is itself a combination of feeling and intellect – that you harbour a dream: secretly you imagine yourself carrying the gift of universal love to all mankind, thus ushering in a new age of enlightenment! Well, others have dreamt less and done more, so why not?

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