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Venus in Pisces

You express yourself in love with a fullness that leaves your partner in no doubt as to the extent and depth of your feeling. Being naturally sympathetic, you often provide a shoulder for others – not necessarily your love-partner – to cry on. This can create jealousies when your apparent motive is misread, for the very point is that, in this, you have no motive. Instead you offer your counsel as of right to someone in distress. There are many undercurrents that go into comprising your emotional make-up, not all of them obvious, even to you. This, together with your tendency to give generously, can combine to make you act at times in good faith, but not necessarily wisely. In other words, be careful of being taken advantage of. Sometimes it might be better to be a little selfish and to go out and enjoy yourself for, if truth be known, there’s no-one around who can party as well as you!

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