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Sun In Virgo

Sun In Virgo

You’re extremely good at watching the purse strings you ensure that all the little things which are so necessary for the ticking over of daily life are looked after properly. You’re a firm believer in the principle of great things coming from small beginnings. Having the patience and interest to nurture these details – frequently overlooked by others – means that whatever project you begin has its roots firmly planted in the ground.

Dietary and nutritional matters fascinate you. You’re continually seeking new ways to deal with the body’s requirements for nourishment. Another one of your beliefs is that you are what you eat. Natural foods – because they imply a natural person – therefore get your support; as, indeed, does anything concerned with the
relation of humankind to the environment.

Actually, you’re a complex mixture of mind and body, of intellect and physicality. As much as you are perfectly willing to cultivate your mental faculties, either for pleasure or because your job demands it, you also have a need to express yourself physically. Exercise and sport are therefore things which you make sure form part of your life on a regular basis.

Your shyness can make you miss out on opportunities and social events, which perhaps you would have loved to attend. Shyness, combined with nervousness, can force you to be withdrawn. Indeed, you must be careful not to paint yourself into a corner and become too isolated from the world.

Your eye for detail is a powerful faculty and there is not much that you do not miss. Because of your ability to notice all the little things that other people overlook, and because of your inner desire to point them out, you can at times come across as being too critical. From your point of view showing a better way of approaching something means that a more perfect result can be reached: all very logical stuff! However, there is always a danger of you sounding like a nitpicking finicky old so-and-so.

The art of being a Virgo is learning how to point out faults in such a way so that you come across as being helpful, and also knowing that what your pointing out will be of any use. It is the art of constructive criticism.

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