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Mercury in Gemini

You have a witty and lively mind. Anything that’s fun is fun for you. Lightweight entertainment appeals to you, and you often prefer short-term projects which don’t demand too much of your time or effort over those that are intellectually taxing. However, you do have an exceptionally versatile and adaptable mind which gives you an interest in a great variety of issues. Your problem is to sort out which of these you really want to pursue. Once your mind is made up, you can devote yourself to the task in hand, often to the exclusion of everything else – until, that is, you get bored! Still, many great achievements have been accomplished by those who flit back and forth between projects; for it seems that the enthusiasm to continue the first is born from an inspiration derived from pursuing the other, which is then ploughed back into the original. In other words, in your case, two heads are better than one!

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