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Sun In Libra

Sun In Libra

You have an endless supply of energy, both mental and physical, and can consistently burn the candle at both ends without suffering the usual ill effects. Your dependence on social stimulation is not without its therapy, though, as being in company gives you self-confidence. What really prompts you to shine is having your partner by your side, for their presence provides that vital ingredient needed to level your emotional scales.

Whether you are partnered or not, you do like to flirt with the opposite sex! You frequently turn situations into occasions for self-display – like when the boss comes round, and you show him or her your best side! You do this not necessarily because you fancy the person concerned, rather just to get you noticed, for you thrive on the reaction it provokes.

You have a reputation for balance, but you’re really a person of extremes. Let the facts speak for themselves. You burn the midnight oil because you have energy enough to defeat an elephant; you pursue the vagaries of fashion, never looking like the same person twice! However, there is one area where you do express equilibrium. There’s a place you go to at the back of your mind where everything is perfectly still, at rest – where the scales have found their poise. You express this characteristic through, for instance, love of poetry: the harmonious balance of words.
Or, again, through a love of art, often of the Oriental kind where everything is undisturbed and tranquil. This is your
balance then, projecting your inner stillness into your own environment. Sun Librans are not born with a sense of balance but rather a desire to develop it. Justice, fairness and equality are virtues that both stimulate you and intimidate you just enough so that you pursue the perfect states of these virtues. Indecisiveness is what has to be tamed in order for these virtues to shine.

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