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Mercury in Scorpio

Mentally you have the power to sustain any goal for as long as you like; you will remain true to the idea once it becomes fixed in your mind. Indeed, it could be said that fixedness is one of the salient features of your mental process. Thus, once your mind is made up you do not change it easily, and it may become almost an obsession with you to see an idea through to the end. Thus you are often unwavering in the face of opposition; in any case, a strong mind is half the battle won. Your nervous constitution is also strong and resilient, giving you much physical stamina but, if the warning lights are not adhered to and acted upon in time, you go under quickly. When you do, you fall into a kind of no-man’s land from which it sometimes takes great strength to emerge. However, given your powers of mental determination, you always manage somehow to resurface anew.

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