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Mercury in Sagittarius

You have a quick, adaptable mind, with a good appreciation of a wide range of subjects. At times you can show incredible mental enthusiasm which might lead you to take so much on board at once that, when it comes to communicating your ideas, your speech can come out garbled and confused. As much as you have the potential to become really expert on two, three or more issues, you often allow your mind to wander freely through a great many others, thus acquiring some knowledge about everything but becoming an authority on little. You have a knack of finding things normally obscure to others as being extraordinarily funny. No-one is quite sure whether this is due to your sardonic sense of humour, or whether someone put something in your coffee. Be that as it may, seeing the humour in things, and being naturally mentally versatile, means that you can talk your way into and out of almost anything; that is, you have the gift of the gab…

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