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Mercury in Pisces

There are few areas of intellectual inquiry that do not interest you; you always seem to be chasing after one subject or another, no matter how obscure. You are very responsive to the hidden meanings in things, and are often more aware of the undercurrents than of the more obvious elements. Normally adaptable, you can turn your mind to a good range of subjects, which go right across the board, from arts to sciences to sports. At times this might be to the detriment of a more disciplined approach in that, in being diverse, you can also become scattered! However, the point is that you are mentally alive, and there aren’t many tricks you don’t miss. One word of warning: your mind is tuned to a very fine tension, and you need perhaps more rest than most to ensure that a balance prevails. Make sure you get your rest, therefore, otherwise confusion and chaos will reign!

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