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Sun In Scorpio

Sun In Scorpio

You like things to run according to plan. If you make your mind up to do something, then that’s exactly how it’s going to be. You’ll persevere from beginning to end, whatever the project. It doesn’t matter whether it is painting a house, changing your job, or pursuing that dream angel you see on the bus every morning: what matters is singularity of purpose.

Sometimes single-mindedness can become too rigid, and you can fall into the trap of missing out what’s going on elsewhere. You need to walk a fine line between being purposeful and obsessive. Fixating on a goal can make things pretty intense all round, as you end up living and breathing nothing else.

Money means a great deal to you, and you must have it a lot, if possible. A life of poverty would be too much to ask of you! This is where your determination is put to good use, for you have the ability to save and accumulate, and from such seedlings oak trees grow.

Your feelings can swell from small ripples into absolute tidal waves. That’s fine, so long as they find expression, and don’t become dammed up inside. If this happens -that is, if you allow repression to take hold – your frustration will eventually spill over and innocent people will suffer. But the ultimate victim will be you: self-recrimination corrodes. But you know all this,  don’t you? Still, there’s no harm in repeating the obvious!

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto and correlates to the principle of death and rebirth, or regeneration. With your intense will-power you have the ability to totally change your life around at any given moment. Once you feel like something has outgrown it’s usefulness you can quite easily just disregard it and find something new to take it’s place. Whether it is a relationship, a value or an  object, you seem to know instinctively when it is time to
move on!

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