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Ascendant in Aries

You have a powerful sense of individuality, and will avoid situations in which you fear you might become just one of the crowd. You forge your own personal path through life, despite often flying in the face of conventional wisdom. It is a challenge for you to ensure your choice of direction succeeds, for success on these terms will make you feel you can plant your flag in the field of individual achievement. Success is therefore measured according to how true you
remain to your own ideals.

Being naturally impatient, you are quick to anger, but just as easy to placate. Moods come in rapidly-changing waves, and you are not inclined to brood. You can be outspoken regardless of possible consequences – you haveĀ  hat others might call a ‘publish and be damned’ attitude. This unapologetic and fearless characteristic ensures that there will be many occasions when you will be accused of being nothing but a downright trouble-maker! But without people like yourself, less lies would be exposed, and less liars would go unpunished, for you often combine your voice with a high moral tone. Of course, you can just as easily be an unprincipled, anti-social rogue, careering from tne enterprise to another without a thought for those whom you encounter! Whatever level of morality you choose, however, you can be sure of covering more ground than most in as half the time, for you have a restless compulsion to conquer and re-conquer, and a need to take up the gauntlet, whether or not it ever was thrown down in the first place. In other words, all the world’s a challenge!

You’re view of yourself at times can be rather slap-happy, perhaps causing an over-simplification of problems. You need to make your personal needs more important than your personal achievements.

The emphasis is on the head when Aries is rising and you may be susceptible to more headaches than most people, perhaps caused by a slight kidney problem or imbalance as opposed to overwork.

You have a great need for a permanent emotional relationship, no matter how many affairs or experiments take place – or, indeed, however independent the spirit.

You have not only a need to relate, but a strong desire to understand and be fair to your partner. These qualities will emerge at the deepest and most personal level; mere aquaintances or even quite close friends may never be aware of them.

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