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Ascendant in Taurus

Despite often giving an impression to the contrary, you are in fact a very industrious person, with a great deal of energy for whatever project has captured your attention. You will get up at five in the morning if you think it is warranted, and just as easily burn the candle at the other end for the same cause. However, if a project doesn’t capture your attention, that’s another story altogether! Then you are at the very least indifferent, but more likely¬† you will be just plain couldn’t-care-less. In other words, you will give your all for something which personally motivates you, but if it fails to strike that personal note – forget it!

Being single-minded lets you keep the goal in sight when all around spells disaster. You will stand your ground until your determination brings in the desired result, setting an example for those who need encouragement.

Financially provident, you maintain an eye on the future, rather than live for the moment. Too often you have seen your friends fall by the wayside for want of more guidance. This has confirmed your view that money is for saving rather than for spending freely, for the more you save the bigger the ultimate purchase. Money, in fact, is a major preoccupation for you, and much of your time is spent perfecting a strategy which will ensure that you will never go wanting; the sums involved need not be astronomical, so long as they are steady and permanent.

Psychologically you would not feel whole until you can see around you the material proof of your success. You become established in your own kingdom and will often feel uneasy if you have to step outside of it: this signifies the importance of routine and security.

You may share some of the Sun sign characteristics of Taurus such as stubbornness and possessiveness. You know you are always right, and will find it hard to see anyone else’s point of view unless it’s identical to yours. self-knowledge will be acquired the hard way.

The area of your health that should receive the most attention is your throat and neck. Sore throats and ear infections should be given great care. There can also be difficulties with the thyroid gland. Any inordinate weight gain not obviously due to diet may be traced to this.

Your relationships with partners has to be intense and passionate as you are a very demanding person emotionally. You have a high degree of emotional energy that has to be “earthed” through your relationships. On the other hand it is equally important that commitments are not solely sexual; friendship between you and your partner will make it easier to cope with problems whenever they arise.

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