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Ascendant in Gemini

Rarely do you like to be without a partner, for it is an essential aspect of your nature to feel twinned. You need to face life with someone on your arm, and all the better for you if that someone is a flattering reflection of yourself. However, you do have a tendency to act hastily, and this means that you might choose your ‘twins’ unwisely, out of the sheer necessity of having one. Your partners, though, find you colourful and easy company so, even if ometimes you do not love wisely, at least you love well.

Your quick, mercurial intellect, and your endless supply of one-liners, often make you, given the right time and lace, the proverbial entertainer, forever ready with an answer for everything. This can be either endearing, or get you into a lot of trouble, as you don’t always have the ability to curb your tongue when perhaps you should have backed down long ago! It is important to understand that this is not the same thing as being outspoken; rather, it is often just the innocent desire to be frivolous!

You are a social juggler and can be seen flitting from one scene to another in an endless round of chit-chat and banter. It would be a good exercise for you to record your thoughts on paper, as you will then see how easily they might be turned to self-education.

With that fast lively intellect, armed with an attendant supply of quick, mercurial quips: you are the proverbial ’smart Alec’. Your precocious and perceptive intelligence, gives you the appearance of being somehow overloaded with mental preoccupations, leaving you with a legacy of permanent distraction. Physically, you should be thin and agile,either with swift, elastic movements, or a ‘quirky’, nervous manner; even gymnastic ability. Novelty has strong appeal, as does humour, though you often find amusing that which others abhor. You like a laugh…

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