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Ascendant in Cancer

You have good intuition and a good appreciation of moral values, but you sometimes have trouble in putting yourself forward or convincing others of your point of view, despite how much you believe yourself to be right. This is because of your difficulty in maintaining a high self-esteem, for you are too easily persuaded that the world is a big bad apple and that the blame for this should fall on you. Well, we all know it’s a big bad apple but, as to you being to blame – who on earth can believe that? So, listen: enough with the negativity, please, and more of the up-and-at-’em! After all, you have special qualities – many of them unique, in fact – and others are keen to know more about them. For starters, the intuitive faculty mentioned above is not something liberally sprinkled amongst our lesser brethren. With that you can go far. If you have a musical ability, for instance, you will know already how invaluable it is for, either as a listener or participant, it allows you a greater appreciation than is usual. This is because of intuition’s empathic quality: its capacity for identifying with another person or thing and going through their experiences as if they were your own. Music apart, this same intuitive faculty is invaluable in your dealings with society at large, for it allows you to gauge others, to get a good appraisal of them without perhaps having to go through hell beforehand.

The ability to project yourself with self-confidence can elude you, leading sometimes to hesitancy, if not timidity itself. However, you possess the resourcefulness and enterprise to place yourself in strategic public positions in order to gain some social advantage. Hard-line singleminded ness can produce indifference to those beyond your normal concern; clannishness can result in a blustering patriotism. Conversely, a receptivity to atmosphere can create a sentimental yearning for spiritual experience. The latter is often positively channelled through creative outlets; that is, activities which depend on an intuitive approach.

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