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Ascendant in Leo

You have a confidence in your approach to life which allows you to enter into new projects with as little regard as possible for the pitfalls that might lie ahead. Hence you have the potential for sweeping along all kinds of people in your enthusiasm, for others generally do respond to the flag that flies the highest. Moreover, your sense of independence is strong, and you would be unlikely to spend too much time with those whom you might consider to inhibit your freedom of movement. Indeed, you need to feel as if you have as little constraint in life as possible.

Your dominating qualities exhibit the potential for capturing the lion’s share, in this case that of Personality.
You are the kind that loves performance and fun, and extovert activities which may not require too much intellec- tualism. You are metaphorically attracted to theatre, and those who need to assume a persona. You often over-enthusia stically subscribe to projects which might require a greater qualification for involvement, thus sometimes promising more than can be delivered: ‘all mouth and no trousers’. Nevertheless, this last accusation is deflected by your wearing your heart on your sleeve; not for emotional gain, but because it is full of warmth just waiting to come out.

You have an enormous sense of fun – and one which you take very seriously, if that doesn’t sound too contradictory! In other words, the ‘fun’ side of your character needs continuously to be catered for, otherwise you feel as if you are wasting away. Thus, you are a constant attendant at parties, or just convivial gatherings in general, like discos, pubs and wine bars. You like to play jokes on people, too, though they’re nearly always harmless pranks, not the malicious kind. In fact, you’re really just one big softie!

Your style is uncomplicated and direct, and you respect others who also lay it on the line rather than those who are devious and secretive. Indeed, this latter approach is one which you can find offensive for, when others start giving you the run around, it wounds your sense of dignity and pride, as it makes you feel as if you’re not being taken for the genuine person you are.

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