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Sun In Sagittarius

Sun In Sagittarius

You’re the kind of person who goes to a party and hijacks the stereo so you can have a good time – in fact, you even bringĀ  your own cassettes. After everybody’s gone home at four in the morning, your hosts are left looking daggers at you while you continue to prance around the room. When you’re finally thrown out you feel completely refreshed. You’ve clean forgotten that the person whom you escorted to the party walked out on you hours ago! An exaggerated picture this may be, but you do have this need to expand on anything you are involved in. The
Sagittarian need is to make life bigger and better.

You enjoy conversation, and often make an animated contribution to any discussion – even if your remarks are on a completely different subject to the one in hand. Just as well you have a big mouth, since you’ve so often got your foot in it!

Despite all this, you have a highly developed sense of morality and principle. You instinctively respond to humanitarian issues, and have a passionate belief in freedom on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Indeed, at times you’re overwhelmed by the feeling that a greater power is watching over you, that there just might be something ‘out there’. This might bring you to the door of religion. But, whether you become a practicing believer
or not is incidental: it’s the feeling for religion you subscribe to.

You’re a vivacious, social creature who goes mad in confined spaces. If anything – a situation, another person -makes you feel claustrophobic, you bolt like a horse from a stable.

You are very honest and straightforward you see the truth as an essential part of communication and find it hard to relate to people who are deceitful. You have such confidence that you are always willing to admit if you are wrong.

You look on the bright side of life as a rule and can generally make the most out of the worst conditions. It may be hard for you to understand pessimistic types because you can clearly see how their life would be so much better if only they saw things from your point of view.

You can be quite an ambitious creature, and not just in your career. Whatever you set your goals on you have the determination to achieve and your belief in yourself achieving those goals ensures success. However, you can easily change your mind before you get there if something more interesting comes your way. Others may not understand this and see it as a fault, to you life is all about enjoying yourself… and quite right too!

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