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Ascendant in Virgo

Your professional life is very important to you for it provides you with the routine and reliability which you
consider to be so essential. It’s not that you actually like work, it’s just that you need to feel that there is a system and structure to your everyday life. If you have this, then you feel you have meaning. Doing the same thing at the same time everyday becomes therefore not a chore, but a necessary evil. Furthermore, your professional life gives you the the drive to build on your current foundations and, for that reason alone, you are prepared to put up with the minor detail – the nitty-gritty of daily existence – in order to create something better.

You are a notorious hypochondriac! When you have a cold, it soon becomes a flu, and then quickly escalates into all kinds of respirational and bronchial complications – and all this in the space of five minutes! Your cupboards are full of this medicine and that, plus a whole lot of others which you’re saving for a rainy day. Similarly, your preoccupation with health and bodily matters often leads you to become vegetarian, or at least to take the whole business of  nutrition very seriously indeed.

Sometimes you can adopt a rather differential attitude to others, allowing them to intimidate you unnecessarily per- haps, or just letting them take advantage. This, not unnaturally, secretly infuriates you. One of your chief aims in life, therefore, is often how to overcome your tendency to be submissive and find your self-assertion. Once you have you can outmanouver the cleverest of opponents with your sharp, analytical mind.

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