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Ascendant in Libra

You’re very active on the social scene. Not for you the observer’s role, looking at life over the shoulders of those
who are actively involved in all those exciting events. You want to be a part of it all – one of the doers.

Being a naturally gregarious person, and one who loves company, you like to have the support of a partner. Being in a relationship is good for you as it allows you to find your reflection. Self-image is high on your list of priorities: it matters to you how others see you, how they judge you. Therefore, you’ll cultivate your image in order to fit the one you wish to project, controlling as best you can how you appear to the world at large.

You’re very enterprising, and continually have more than one project on the boil at any given time. Indeed, you have a compulsion to keep active. Sometimes, though, because you might take up a project more through a need for activity rather than purity of interest, you may not always see it through to the end. Nevertheless, in this way you get through an enormous amount of activity and experience in life.

Often possessing an artistic appreciation, you’re inclined towards an involvement with literature, music or painting. Literature is frequently the medium which prevails: words fascinate you, whether they’re someone else’s or your own. Reading and writing therefore represent a wealth of interest for you.

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