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Ascendant in Scorpio

You have a good sense of your own individuality. You like to be noticed, and are flattered when others single you out for praise or attention. Nevertheless, you also have an equal need at times to be retiring, and to withdraw into the safety of your own self-protection.

Having a tendency to being possessive, you can over-identify on occasion with various people or things. Still, it’s
nothing you or others can’t handle: it’s not like your actions create animosity or anything. The only person who
really might start wobbling is your partner. No matter how attached they might be, they’ll also want their breathing space. So let go of the leash once in a while: it’ll pay dividends for all concerned.

You can be eminently reasonable, adopting a rational and fair-minded approach to whatever issue’s at hand. At other times you can be quite the reverse, and become heavily emotional, irrational. This is not a schizophrenia (because it’s not a genuine disorder); rather, you have two levels to your personality which interchange according to the intensity with which you react to any situation. A milder reaction on your part brings with it a more level headed approach; but once you become emotionally involved, it is your instinct which determines your reaction.

Your rigid policy of self-advancement leads you to an overt pursuit of power. Social inflexibility can lead to the
endorsement of your own values as the only alternative; power brings the opportunity to impose these values on
others. You derive satisfaction from believing that others owe you an alliegance, and that people generally are
beholden to it. Your personality is vulnerable to the lesson implied by ‘the harder they come, the harder they fall’.
Nevertheless, you are also capable of a feelingful, emotional approach, receptive to human intelligence, and using the personality as a sounding-board to gauge environments and atmospheres. As such, when you incorporate the softer emotional aspect of your personality you truly show your real inner strength which is one that other people can also benefit from. Consistancy and security in everything is important to you. Your talent in concentrating your energies gives you great perseverance but taken to an extreme you can lack perception of the broader view, while also becoming ‘tight’ and selfish in your priority for self-survival.

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