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Ascendant in Sagittarius

Others often find you to be fascinating company, because you sometimes have certain mannerisms which can be quite entertaining. For instance, your words might come out in the wrong order, creating a humorous impression; or you might have a way of saying things which is not exactly tactless, but not exactly discreet, either! Physically, too, you can have characteristics which others find appealing: your limbs might look too long and gangly, for instance, or you might move in what others see as a comically erratic way. The point is, though, that should these features indeed be present, it is not because you’ve willed them to come about; instead they are a natural part of you. Therefore, you do not play them for laughs; you are expressing yourself as you are. If you ever get the feeling that others are laughing at, and not with, you, then those people had damned well better look out, for there’s no-one more sensitive to scorn than you!

Your loyalty can never be questioned. Once your heart has fastened on to someone else’s, then that’s where it stays, no matter what. Actually, ‘no matter what’ is a slight exaggeration for, if anyone transgresses your code of fide lity, then there is no other course of action open to you but to sever the association immediately, as there is no deeper hurt for you than this. Indeed, loyalty means being faithful in thought as much as in action, and this quality is something you sense from the other person instinctively; if you don’t, you know you must walk away.

Your energies are often unharnessed and scattered; the nervous erraticism often associated with thoroughbreds. The discipline of direction can escape you; though when it is present, it often acquires a mental aspect, the mind being used as a bow, whose arrows can convey a barrage of social comment and vision. You have the ability to offer an independently perceived interpretation of man and his universe. Philosophy and understanding life in terms of the greater whole is a fundamental component of your expression, and freedom is a necessary ingredient for your tendency toward exploration. Without freedom, nervous depressions are incurred producing a ‘complicated’ personality.

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