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Ascendant in Capricorn

You are very enterprising, and are nearly always out there where the action is, instead of looking on from behind. You go out and get things, rather than wait for them come to you. The beauty of this is that you seem to have that uncanny knack of actually knowing how to go about materiali zing all your objectives, no matter what the goals are or what the projects may entail. Your success is perhaps due in part to a coupling of your naturally calculating mind with your abundant physical energy; the combination makes dreams become reality.

You have a tendency to stand on formality, or to fall in with convention in order to camouflage your own indivi-
duality. This is not a fault, of course, but a disguise you adopt so as to function in society without drawing the
unwanted attention of others; in other words, your aim is to get along with your own business as efficiently and effect ively as possible. Given that the spotlight is not something you go out of your way to attract, you will nevertheless, seek it out if it provides a means for bringing your goal that much closer. However, being under the scrutiny and judgment of others usually makes you feel awkward, not because you can’t hold your own – far from it, – but because, despite your affinity with the public domain, you still feel somewhat inhibited about publiclyexpressing yourself too freely.

Your capacity for enterprise and organization can thus make you assume activities that serve and benefit society
generally. In so doing, you adopt a prudent and methodical approach to what you see as essentially climbing the ‘mountain’ of ambition.

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