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Sun In Capricorn

Sun In Capricorn

Life’s a mountain to be climbed. You start at the bottom, where the terrain is even, and go all the way to top, negotiating rocky paths and steep slopes until finally you reach the summit. And then – well, what a view! You can see forever and a mile. What a great feeling to be higher up than everyone else. It sure is a long way, but it’s definitely worth it in the end, if only for the feeling of superiority!

Having ambition as you do, you will find your way to the top. You’ll do it by the most expedient method available, which usually means taking the conventional route. This means that, literally, you really do start at the bottom but, by virtue of time and place, you gain as you go along, ascending the social scale all the time. At the end of the journey, guess what?  You’re rich and comfortable…

You’re very principled, however, and won’t sell yourself short just to please someone else. You’re one of the moral people, indeed, one of those from whom others frequently find much to learn. Actually, there is something of the teacher in you – or perhaps ‘guru’ would be a better word. That is, you offer not just knowledge but a set of rules to go with it which, if applied correctly, gains the novice the same learning. It’s all done through application and method.

Your cool manner and controlled emotional disposition earns you the respect of many, as they see in you evidence of the maturity they so often desire.

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