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Ascendant in Aquarius

You have a broad view of life, and a broad appreciation of people to go with it. Your social circle reflects this. While absorbing many different fields of activity, you the go on to amalgamate what you learn in order to form your own opinions. And you do form opinions! You might be broad, but you fix your own personality in the centre, thereby creating a point from which you can evaluate other things.

You relate to people and situations pretty much on a mental level, always using your intellect as the judge, not your instinct or feeling. Indeed, you’re incredibly rational. This doesn’t get in the way of your emotional life, though in fact, it has no direct bearing on it at all – but your mind is the agent through which all experience is filtered.

Nevertheless, you have a great deal of physical energy, for your curiosity continually draws you into the outside world for new experience. It would be strange if you adopted an introverted existence: if that were the case, it would probably be due to irreversible external forces, not to personal choice on your part.

You are of ‘civilized man’; sophistication and rational objectivity naturally attend you. Your world is perceived
through an intellectual screen, continually spanning the spectrum of human endeavour from end to end, as if it were a radar. Mental capacity, therefore, is usually considerable and highly developed. Refined argument though, can mask an inflexible approach, and an unwillingness to modify one’s viewpoint. Through your objective approach to life, an air of detachment usually surrounds you which can cast a strain on closer relationships where emotions need expression. Social life should be full and rewarding, though the obligations of Mind can give you a burden of being over-dis criminating, thereby limiting your activities only to those which are intellectually justifiable. Relationships with friends and colleagues are often more enduring than more intimate ones.

Your sense of humour is well known. Others are constantly fascinated by all the remarkable quips which seem to fall off your tongue so effortlessly. Humour never exists without insight; in fact, there can’t be one without the other in the first place, for both are mutually supporting products of a fine observance of human nature.

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