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Ascendant in Pisces

You have a very open personality, and accommodate readily those influences which others might look upon as foreign, or strange. For example, you like watching ‘underground’ or ‘art’ movies; or, again, you’re likely to go for music which comes from almost anywhere – and which might sound like almost anything as well! Your openness, however, is frequently only a disguise, not necessarily a reflection of how you feel deep down inside. That’s a different matter altogether. But, it’s often an effective disguise, for you’re also a bit of a chameleon and change according to your surroundings.

Your approach to life generally is to wander through it, not go at it with a definite plan. A plan you may have at the beginning, but it won’t stay that way for long. Pragmatism is probably the correct word to use here. You learn and  adapt as you go along, weighing up mistakes and turning them to your best advantage.

Others frequently accuse you of being a ‘box of birds’. Well, it’s a bit unfair really: it’s just that you’re very enthusiastic, and gatherings of the clan, or any well attended event, will produce in you a lively response. Indeed,  one might say that your social axiom is ‘the more the merrier’!

Your tolerant and curious attitude takes you into many of life’s areas beyond the imagination of the less adventurous. In many ways, you’re an explorer – at least of your own environment, if not of the world itself.

Your purpose is to channel your personality into society: self-projection is thus the name of the game. However, you do not always manage to achieve this as your tendency to disperse your energies can make you wander, when you should be following one direction only. Therefore, you find it difficult to grasp a social niche, being buoyed long instead by the tide of society at large. Your receptivity toward fellow man, however, allows you to observe the panorama of human diversity with an equal regard for everyone, making you perhaps the most open of souls. Impressionability, though, can lead to gullibility, and you would do well to guard against exploitation.

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