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Moon in Aries

Being naturally persuasive, you can easily draw others into your circle, giving you a feeling of power. When this
translates into an emotional context, you could end up believing you can conquer the opposite sex at will. Damn it all, you can! You react very quickly to emotional stimuli, and always seem to have enough stamina to carry you through demanding situations. Others like your directness, and also your single-minded approach once you’ve decided on where your affections lie. You’re volatile and touchy, but sincere and demonstrative, too. You can convert your feelings into actions, which gives others a sense of being in fresh and exciting company when they’re around you. Sometimes, though, you might go overboard with your enthusiasm and dive headfirst into a relationship when, really, you should have employed more caution and judgment.

The mixture of Mars and the Lunar element of the moon can give you sometimes almost a Venusian glow. You will display warm feelings strengthened with the certainty of emotional self confidence. Being easily offended, you can take criticism very personally, on occasion somewhat lacking the wider perspective of a world view. However, you are spontaneously affectionate; impulsiveness can produce impromptu explosions of feeling, but these outbursts are forgotten almost before they begin… You like to get on with it…

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