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Moon in Taurus

They say slow and steady wins the race: well, in your case it’s true. Emotionally, you play a waiting game, where you observe and weigh the fundamental value of a person or situation before committing yourself one way or the other. Your feelings come from a deep source, as if they rose up from an underground well. Having travelled all that way, it’s hardly likely they’ll just turn around and go back to their origins.

Your dependability is a virtue, and you will stand by your partner through thick and thin whatever the cost. Be careful, though, not to let your sincerity cloud your better judgment as, at the end of the day, you’ll be the one who suffers. However, this warning probably doesn’t even have to be said for you are, in fact, especially clear-headed. That is, you normally possess good judgment and insight into the dynamics of your relationships. At the root of this awareness is probably that oldest of human instincts, self-preservation: you’ll give your all, that’s for sure, but you won’t allow it to kill you!

Stability is seen as an emotional necessity, and the key to your happiness. Change incurred by external influence is not easily accepted, as it contradicts your self-determinate approach. Consequently, the overriding objective is to choose a personal strategy in order to secure stability on your own terms. An expedient route to this end is the adoption of conventional principles, as this implies the least amount of threat to the pursuit of your personal goals, thus making the desired objective that much more easily attainable. In any case, you are deeply loyal, with abundant emotional fertility. When fulsome feelings are denied expression, brooding and moodiness can

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