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Moon in Cancer

You’re a very emotional person. In one way or another, your feelings rule your life. You have a strong receptivity to atmospheres, often responding to the hidden qualities of people and situations. When others ask you to explain why you react in a certain way, you’ll say it’s ‘just a feeling’ you have.

Whichever sex you are, you’re very open to the more ‘feminine’, finer, side of things. (Not that masculine feeling isn’t fine, it’s just that here we’re talking about the traditional association between what is called feminine because it’s sympathetic, tender). Moreover, you frequently need to be not only self protective, but protective of others, also, while you try to avoid contact with harmful and emotionally damaging influences.

When you attempt to hide your sensitivity, you do so by constructing an impenetrable emotional wall. The reason for this is twofold: a) to prevent you appearing too ’soft’ to others; and b) to allow you to act more in keeping with the daily rough and tumble, thereby screening your vulnerability.

The Moon is Cancer’s ruler, thus it is ‘at home’ in here. Therefore, you will show emotion in a pure form, possibly
assuming a certain power over others, who might be fascinated by the free expression of subconscious forces. Conversely, because of the Moon’s affinity with the subjective state, it’s being at home can indicate an umbilical connection with childhood: an unchallenged emotionalism could imply that no restraint is being placed on memory, causing you to be dominated by retrograde feeling. Nevertheless, your sensitivity to the past can make you very receptive to a concept of ’soul’, soul being associated with ancient descent. Your generous emotional compliment should alert you to an occasional tendency to self-indulgence.

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