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Moon in Leo

You’re certainly a warm-hearted person, with full, demonstrative feelings. Your partner is never in doubt regarding your loyalty nor, indeed, the depth of your affection, as you show your emotions naturally and willingly. Your partner also must be of  a similar type – you really couldn’t maintain a relationship with someone who had to be coaxed into showing a little love and affection.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for emotionally, you settle in for the duration. Indeed, you flourish for staying with one person, for this allows you to go deeper into your own feelings, which you then convey to your partner. Constant to-ing and fro-ing would only dissipate this quality. This is partly the reason you’re so loyal, as you need to give generously in love for, the deeper you go the warmer you get; and that’s your real objective, to spread warmth.

Your emotions are heartfelt and steady, and a light, once lit, will not fade, but burn till you yourself choose to extinguished it. You do not suffer fools gladly: considerable pride in your own individual worth means you take offence easily. Pride unchecked, however, can over spill into pomposity, possibly sometimes making others sceptical of your sincerity; nevertheless, you expect sincerity as the essential ingredient in relationships. You express serious feeling with amiable humour, though a tendency on your part to over-enthusiasm could sometimes lead to an object of affection being unworthy of your attentions: a more psychological approach to emotions should be employed from time to time.

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