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Moon in Virgo

Emotionally, you keep yourself to yourself. You’re very private and self-protective, giving away very little in public, or to people generally. But, with your chosen partner, when the lights are down, it’s a different story altogether. Then, you let down your defenses and reveal just how rich and warm are the gifts of your heart.

The dynamics of your emotional life take place within a private arena, being kept very much to yourself. Consequently, you can be very shy, making it difficult for you to identify and inter-react socially, possibly reulting in isolation. Emotional solitariness can bring a lack of confidence, and your natural desire is to remain withdrawn. Artistic expression – music, writing – is thus sometimes sought as a vehicle to liberate emotional content. Your quality of feeling can be extraordinarily refined, almost to the extent of being oversophisticated, making it perhaps further difficult for you to find a comfortable partnership. Beware of a tendency to be over-analytical, for this can take the substance out of emotional issues.

Because you remain private in public, others often misjudge you as being aloof and detached, even cold. To be misunderstood is, for you, the lesser of two evils. You’d rather have it this way than reveal your inner nature to the masses, so to speak. Indeed, it’s not just that your shyness prevents you from doing so, but you’d consider such public display positively harmful to your emotional health. Your feelings are for you and your chosen few and those few are all the richer for coming into contact with them.

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