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Moon in Libra

It’s very important for you to be in a relationship. That might sound trite but, when you think about it, for a great many people it’s not actually that important. They may be married, or whatever, but only because convention dictates it, not because their emotional scales would be unbalanced without it. Yours would. By having somebody close to you you can see your own reflection, thus giving you greater confidence in facing the world at large. Being naturally communicative and chatty, you need to find an element of intellectual compatibility with your partner in order to establish a broader base for expression. Such exchanges allow you to develop mutual rapport. Moreover, mental and emotional understanding and communication encourage respect, such a necessary part of any meaningful relationship. That’s when you begin to flower, when you reach that stage of respect.

The existence of emotional faculties are seen as having their natural extension in relationships, and these are actively sought as a result, this Moon Sign rarely being unpartnered. Others are seen as a backdrop to the various scenes enacted in one’s emotional theatre: the dramatic analogy is pertinent, as Moon in Libra can aquire a sense of unreality, as if it were performing for others’ entertainment. The desire to impart one’s feelings to others, however, is great, as to give implies to receive. Liasons are thus sought, further, in order to provide oneself with a mirror: the amount of reciprocated approval determines the degree of emotional equilibrium. Importance is attached to a liason’s potential for intellectual communication.

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