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Moon in Scorpio

The rivers of your emotional life run deep. There’s nothing shallow about your feelings, and nothing lightly given. Indeed, because you experience them so intensely you frequently find yourself bottling up and keeping your feelings to yourself, for to express them could be just too exhausting!

Being naturally sympathetic, you respond to many things which others might just pass on by. One could say you have an overflow of feeling to give, which needs to find a home. Thus, you’re often moved by others’ misfortune. And you laugh when others laugh; and then you cry into your hanky at the movies.

Of course, this superfluity of emotion must be directed. It shouldn’t be allowed to just float around without purpose. Emotional direction is something you should cultivate. Give your feelings to your partner: their response can give the strength you need to fortify your own sensitivity and thus be less inclined to feel vulnerable.

Your emotional intensity can make you very possessive, for the object of your affections is also the object of your desire. And you guard both your ‘object’ and your desire with jealousy. For you do not take kindly at all to others moving in on your very personal emotional territory.

The rightful element for Moon Signs is water. This by no means suggests that the Moon does not properly function
in signs of other elements, but the conveyance of emotions favours the watery signs. Moon in Scorpio has a profound emotional reservoir. Feelings are experienced deeply, though the varying reactions of others can be misconstrued as an attack on, and an indictment of, its credibility. Accordingly, a tangle of suppressed emotions can accumulate to the point where your Moon in Scorpio might believe it is being persecuted, responding to the ‘aggression’ by defensively striking before it is struck. Emotional experiences are therefore taken with a great amount of seriousness, though not always tempered with a proportionate measure of humour!

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