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Mars in Aries

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

Your instinctive judgement of people and situations is highly developed, and your first impressions – i.e. your gut reactions – are almost always proved right at the end of the day. Everyone is of course passionate to one degree or another; your passions are perhaps that little bit more up-front than most people’s. Being as close to the nerve as they are, it doesn’t take much to get them going; you react rapidly, and can flare up just as quickly. These powerful emotions and feelings therefore are experienced at a very subjective level, and this can make you at times extremely touchy. Because of this, others sometimes might feel as if they have to tread very carefully in your presence : other- wise – wham! Strong feelings demand strong commitments, and respect on all sides is the name of the game.

Mars in Taurus

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You have this extraordinary ability to sleep through almost anything, be it a party or a crisis. Sometimes you might even fall asleep on your feet! Because others can find it difficult to rouse you, or to work you up to a pitch of excitement, they might think you lack passion, or a sense of conviction; this is of course far from the truth. More to the point is your self evident capacity for keeping these passions underground, as it were, where they simmer and smoulder but never quite reach that critical point at which they just flare up and boil over. But, boil over they most certainly can and, when they do, anything and everything is swept along with the force of your eruptive outburst. When others complain of your slumbering passions, and of your seeming inability to take a decisive action, just remind them of Mount Vesuvius and of what it did to the town of Pompeii!

Mars in Gemini

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

A sharp mind gives way to a sharp tongue, and both of these you have. Indeed, these you can use without due restraint, sometimes leaving others wondering why you should have been so cutting when perhaps the situation didn’t call for such an extreme response. Nevertheless, as soon as the skirmish has erupted, it’s over again
at least as far as you’re concerned. Hence, you quite happily continue to go through your rounds of confrontation and reconcil iation, for the former usually leave no lasting scar, and the latter normally heal all wounds – again, at least as far as you’re concerned. In other words, you do not necessarily mean to hurt, only to make a point. It’s really a question of force; in your case, a forceful mind. However, this is sometimes misdirected, or not disciplined enough, and therefore can wind up contributing in the wrong way to the wrong occasion. The lesson to be learnt is:
think before you act!

Mars in Cancer

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You have deeply-held convictions which you will defend with much emotional gusto. That is, your blood boils and your temperature rises and you become extraordinarily self-protective. Instead of they being just an attitude of mind, therefore, those issues which motivate and move you are prompted by something deep inside, and demand a great deal of your emotional commitment. This shows just how fierce is your allegiance to something, or somebody, once it has stirred your deepest passions. You will hold on to these things no matter what; indeed, your tenacity can sometimes prevent you from getting the right distance in order to see things objectively. If others on occasion think you’re initially too slow to react to a challenge, it would be more because of your desire to preserve the status quo, rather than because.

Mars in Leo

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You have a good sense of action, and are not likely to hang about too much in times of crisis. That is, you will meet a difficult situation head on and tackle it so as to weed out the opposition. However, this is not to imply that you’re naturally belligerent: more to the point is the matter of your personal dignity. A person should be respected for his or her individuality; if you feel this sacred tower is under threat, you will defend it to the best of your ability. Indeed, you have a passionate belief in the power of one person to change things and, with this in mind, will take up all manner of social and political causes in order to promote the cause of the individual.

Mars in Virgo

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You seem always to give, and be under, the impression that, in one way or another, you are having to make some kind of personal sacrifice in order to pander to the whim of others. Indeed, you have a very developed notion of martyrdom, you can be a bit too accomodating trying to please everyone at once, even to the point of doing their worrying for them! Surely selfless devotion to an idea or cause is a commendable virtue. However, as to whether you yourself actually have to suffer for the sake of others is a matter for debate if the truth be known, this belief may spring more from your imagination than from the realities of situations. Nevertheless, the fact is that others often do see you as a long-suffering hero or heroine in your life.

Virgo is a strange sign. It represents sevice and devotion to people and causes, also the criticism and analysis of people and situations. It is through analysis that you perceive the suffering of other people and the drive to do something about it is the nature of Mars. The balance you need to find relates to how much you help others and how much effort they actually put into relieving their own situation. If you have the reputation for ‘being there’ for people they can end up taking you for granted. This can infuriate you at times leaving you feeling used or unappreciated. If you do too much you can end up creating criticisms in your own mind for the very people you wish to help. The secret is to know your limits. The hard bit is learning to say no. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about those you help, you’re putting yourself out too much. By saying no more often you will only be helping people gladly.

Mars in Libra

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

When it comes to taking the plunge with some commitment or other, you often feel as if you just cannot make that final, binding step. Your passion for the original cause or idea seems to fail you at the last moment. Still, this does not mean that you never felt that passion to begin with: it’s only the necessary ingredient of commitment which seems to be so elusive. However, once that bridge is crossed all is hunky-dory, and you’re left wondering as to what made you dither for so long. Some call your attitude ’sitting on the fence’; maybe it’s better to call it a preoccupation with seeing both sides of any equation without any bias either way. Therefore, it can be the absolute fairness of your own judgment which can prevent you from throwing yourself into any new project or relationship.

Mars in Scorpio

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You have a passionate nature and, when you find someone whom you really feel for, you will fasten on to that person and not let go, by hook or by crook! You feel very intensely about people and things that touch you on an instinctive, or ‘gut’, level, remaining completely loyal to that feeling. At first, however, you might show caution and reserve, for you do not act rashly when it comes to making commitments but, once an attachment is made, the feeling sticks. In other words, you are very serious about things which concern your deeper feelings. Fools you do not suffer gladly and, though others’ more flippant behaviour might fascinate you, you are rarely so impressionable that you will abandon your principles and join them – despite the possibly strong wish to do so on your part! There are times however, when you find your self-imposed regime too strict, and you will lash out and go absolutely crazy for a while but, like all fundamentally serious people, you can keep all that silliness up only for just so long.

Mars in Sagittarius

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

In a moment of crisis, you have the potential for emerging as a real hero of the hour. There always has to be someone around who’ll say the unmentionable or do the impossible, and that someone often is you. As the song says: ‘when the arrow is straight, and the point is slick, it can pierce through dust no matter how thick’. At other times, though, you can go to the opposite extreme, infuriating others with your inability to commit yourself either one way or the other when real resolution is called for, and generally coming on like the proverbial Slippery Sam! Nevertheless, this is a temperamental reaction on your part and tends to last only as long as it takes you to change your mind back again. In your case, the bottom line is that the passion is always there. Given the state of differing circumstances, the only question then remaining is: how are you going to use it?

Mars in Capricorn

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You have loyal and deeply-running passions, which are founded on the rocks of principle and responsibility. When something strikes those rocks, it prompts your eternal devotion, and you will not let the side down even under the most dire circumstances. Nevertheless, when a critical situation develops and you’re called upon to rise to the challenge, you are likely firstly to react with reserve and caution, rather than heedless abandon. In other words, you are not always spontaneous in action, but are sometimes inclined to weigh up all sides with a mature and considered attitude before taking the plunge. Placing your own restraints on impulsiveness as you do often suggests that, once an action is taken, it is very likely to be the right, the most prudent, one.

Mars represents your desires and challenges… Capricorn – the world of business, status, authority and wisdom…

Mars in Aquarius

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

There are many ways in which to channel your more instinctive, even aggressive, instincts, and one is to divert them into the sphere of intellect. More than likely you will refrain from actual physical violence – indeed you normally recoil from it – and instead will use your mind to fight your battles for you. It is, after all, terribly unsophisticated to employ brute force, is it not? Your strong feelings about issues touching upon the welfare of your fellow man will make you help almost anyone who might be in some kind of trouble, despite your own possible prejudices towards a particular individual. One thing to beware of, however, when letting your mind rule your instincts, is that you might sometimes lose sight of the deeper sources of your feeling, that area where the passions are born.

Mars in Pisces

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You have this funny habit: when it comes to being called upon to rise to this challenge or the other – that is, when you’re being asked really to make a commitment – you disappear somewhere and get well and truly drunk instead! It’s not that you can’t face the issue; rather, it’s perhaps more accurate to say that often you’re apprehensive about backing yourself to win. The fear of failure exists in all of us to one degree or another; however, in your case, this kind of reaction is usually due more to a self-induced anxiety rather than to the truth of the matter. For, indeed, you have a passionate and deeply devotional nature, one of whose most salient hallmarks is the almost religious belief in people and causes; perhaps it is the fear of your own powerful emotions and feelings which sometimes leads you to the old firewater.