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Jupiter in Aries

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You are very enthusiastic about any issue which looks as if it might further the cause of the individual. Indeed, you are extremely conscious of just what it means to be your personal self amongst the world’s many millions. Much of your energy, therefore, is spent on cultivating your individuality, and you will seize upon any personal nuance or characteristic that might surface, exploiting and developing it into something uniquely your own. You wish to be known for your differences, not for your similarities to the greater masses. Equally, you instinctively recognize and encourage the individuality in others, no matter how it’s disguised, and you will be proud to surround yourself with those of your own kind. In this way, you conduct your social life amongst a group of individuals – a contradiction in terms, perhaps, but not one that causes you undue difficulty.

Jupiter in Taurus

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You have a very fertile imagination, but one which on occasion you restrain from flowing into the more uplifting areas. In other words, you can sit on your own enthusiasm. This might make you rather pedantic at times, inclining you to keep your eyes on the ground when really they should be scanning the heavens. You could also give the impression that your spirits too often seem dampened; but what is probably more to the point is that they are bubbling away in some underground spring, so to speak, where, by virtue of being deep below the surface, they are acquiring a compulsive force of their own. One of your great liberating dreams is perhaps that of letting these forces burst forth for the purpose of taking apart the ‘establishment’ – the structure of society as we know it – and returning people to a spiritual community without boundaries.

Jupiter in Gemini

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You are attracted by people who have about them a strong suggestion of drama; that is, unusual or colourful people who have a tendency to overact, to ‘put on a show’. You yourself are very dramatic, often expressing your feelings with exaggerated expressive actions. Being an exceptionally open person, the last thing in the world you want is a sense of confinement, emotional or physical, and you will go out of your way to cultivate as free a lifestyle as possible. The unusual and exotic fascinate you; you often find it mentally and emotionally stimulating to be involved with unconventional people and situations, often being unconventional yourself. Indeed, you like to flout the rules for the sheer pleasure of doing so, becoming as gleeful as an imp when you discover that, once again, you’ve beaten the authorities at their own game.

You have many opinions on life and people… when the opportunity arises you are quite partial to handing them out freely…

Jupiter in Cancer

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You often react very enthusiastically towards subjects to do with the past. The history of anything frequently ignites your spirit of inquiry and stirs your imagination. Similarly, you show a positive response towards people generally, either individuals or ‘races’, who might represent a link with ancient days. The past is often equated by you with your idea of spirit, which often you see as more fittingly, and more purely, existing in a bygone age. Thus, those in whom you express an interest because of their ‘oldness’ are equally revered by you for their closer
proximity, as you see it, to the original spirit of things. On another level altogether, you have a good sense of shared enjoyment, and find the power of crowds exciting. Thus, you are well pleased when you find yourself involved in those occasions -from church gatherings to rock gigs – where everybody is uplifted by a feeling of joy.

Jupiter in Leo

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You have a strong feeling for pomp and glamour. You love a parade, and you love flamboyant modes of dressing; you love a good rock concert and, equally, you love the theatre. In fact, it is the theatricality of these other areas which provides you with the essential ingredient, for you don’t warm to pomp and glamour merely for their own sakes, but for their dramatic content. That is, you like these things to reflect some kind of inner meaning – a spiritual force, one might say. You yourself are personally very demonstrative, dispensing your feelings generously, and not without some attendant flamboyance of your own. You are what is traditionally called big-hearted; thus, you will always respond most favourably to those who possess similar gregarious qualities.

Jupiter in Virgo

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You are often intrigued by the hidden meaning in people and situations – what one might call the spirit of things. Sometimes, you can’t help seeing this quality in everything, from the most grand down to the most trivial. Thus, for you, everything can take on an air of mystery, often to such an extent that others might think you superstitious. Still, you have a very fine appreciation of all that makes the ‘inner man’ tick, and your own private response to, say, the religious experience, is nearly always one of respect and deference to an overpowering, unknowable energy, as you see it. Whether consciously or not, you are very aware of the connection between the movement of the spirit and the rhythm of music; thus, you will often find a release for your inner feelings in the realm of music and dance.

Jupiter in Libra

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

As a rule, you are fairly balanced in how you express yourself. Sometimes, however, you can go completely over-board, working up a real enthusiasm for some idea or person for whom you have developed an infatuation. At times like these, you parade your feelings with much self-display, leaving others in no doubt as to the extent of your commitment. The interesting thing is that this pendulum does not swing back to the other extreme: as much as you can go overboard, you never seem to revert to being cold or withdrawn but, instead, will settle on a middle¬† way. In other words, your enthusiasm is either over-the-top or normal! When in your so-called middle-way ‘phase’, you remain open to all kinds of possibly inspirational experience, all of which you judge with the same degree of interest and fairness.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

There exists within you a tension between your inclination to remain disciplined, constrained, and the desire to just let it all rip and go with the passion of the moment. At times this can cause you some confusion, caught as you are between two equally powerful tendencies. When you do let go, therefore, the feelings you express are forcefully emotional, and often dramatic as well – like the opening of floodgates, perhaps. Everybody else who witnesses such a ‘performance’ cannot help but sit up and take notice. Given these qualities, you will naturally respond to similar characteristics in others, whether you experience them directly or through, for example, literature and music. Regarding these latter, you are perhaps most likely to respond best to works dealing with the pain of repressed

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

Despite what others might think of you – that is, whether you’re a rogue or a saint – you nevertheless have a moral code to which you adhere no matter what. In other words, you will not deviate from your personal canon of law. This method of conduct has nothing to do with prudery; rather, it is your response to your private inner voice. Thus, you are still perfectly capable of moments of excess, as your enthusiasm is abundant and it catches fire easily. If someone offers you a drink, for instance, you’ll have ten; in a chorus of revellers, you’ll sing the loudest. You especially have a great enthusiasm for things which you consider bring joy to everyone, from religion to sport. The point here is that you have an inspired strain of optimism which permeates your overall outlook, and infects others with its uplifting nature. You mind, once fired with the spirit of the moment and fueled with enthusiasm knows no boundaries. This applies to both the world of action and thought. Your enthusiasm can flood a situation and raise the energy levels of those around you. You may wonder where it all comes from, when it’s not around you may wonder where it’s gone. If you followed the transits of the planets astrologically you notice how when a planet triggers off Jupiter in your chart the power comes on and the adventure of life kicks in.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

Regardless of your desire to do otherwise, you often tend to hold on to your more enthusiastic feelings, preventing them from getting too worked up or out of control. What is being suggested here is not that you have any less a capacity for inspiration than anyone else, rather that you often feel the need to restrain it. You impose your own discipline in order to avert extremism. Thus, when it comes to dealing with areas of human activity which depend on inspired behaviour, your approach is often a considered and deliberate one. You will enter the fields of religion and philosophy, for example, with respect, even with awe, whether or not you are personally involved in these pursuits. The point is your respect for quests of the spirit transcends your personal opinion.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

You have a positive approach to all that brings joy to mankind, from music to religion, from literature to love. At least, you yourself consider that these things, amongst others, actually do contain that essential element of joy, as opposed to taking a pessimistic view of their influence. You are very open to new suggestions and ideas regarding the spiritual health of man, and are therefore usually in favour of those institutions which represent the advancement of society at large. Thus, new religions, new forms of education, new approaches to the concept
of family life – all these and more are considered by you with enthusiasm. In other words, it is your wish that the best in man is brought out for the sake of mankind; and you often associate the best with whatever is new.

Jupiter in Pisces

Posted by admin on March 29, 2009

Where others might be cynical, you have a strong tendency to believe in matters which represent man’s spiritual welfare. Hence, in the field of religion, for example, the act of devotion comes naturally to you. You see it as a very simple and uncomplicated affair, and one perfectly compatible with how you feel about the connection between man and a higher order. Still, you’re also a pretty gregarious creature really, a lover of parties and social occasions which one can call ‘festivities’. You respond very much to the enthusiasm of others, this in turn feeding your own capacity for enjoyment: it’s frequently very much a case of the more the merrier! However, despite your often unbridled zest for life, you also have an impulse to withdraw in order to take care of, in private, your even greater enthusiasm for worship.