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Sun aspects

Posted by admin on January 31, 2010

See planets aspects for explanation on how planet aspects work within the birthchart.

Sun square Moon

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

Your frequently fluctuating moods can often make others feel that being in your presence is like walking on soft-boiled eggs. Your feelings are like finely tuned antennae picking up the slightest nuance and suggestion, and this can make you moody. Nevertheless, you’re far too aware to allow moodiness to tyrannize your relationships – but you sure as hell are one emotional person!

The person you are on the emotional level can differ to the personality you portray to the outside world. The positive side of this is that you have a double sided view of all situations, seeing both how things appear, and what makes them function.

In close personal relationships you need to spend more time unwinding and relaxing, so that you can relate to your partner on a more deeper emotional level. You tend to spend too much time in the hustle bustle of physical life and may miss out on the beneficial effects of deep emotional contact.

Sun Opposition Moon

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You were born within one or two days of the full moon…There’s often much tension between how you think you feel and how you really feel. How you think you feel is the way you go through life – this is your conscious mind. How you really feel is your emotional condition – your unconscious mind. Tension is caused by trying to fuse the two levels of mind together – it’s not always easy but you know it can be done!

You may often suffer from a nagging sense of discomfort feeling at times, like two individuals rolled into one! If this becomes too extreme, then others do not know what to expect of you, and you start to question yourself. The tense energy produced by this aspect will lead eventually to an inner search where you will finally find the answer to that ever nagging question “who am I”?

As a child, you may have found it hard to feel close to both parents at the same time, only ever being in favour with one at any one time. When looked at in retrospect, are the two differing sides of you a reflection of your parent’s different characteristics?

Sun conjuct Moon

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

At times you feel that your inner life is pretty much a mystery to you. Then it must seem like you’re running
around in a blackout and can’t get through to your emotional centre. You know where the centre is – it’s just a matter of bringing your feelings from their hiding place to the front of your mind where they can get your maximum attention.

You were born on the day of a new Moon. This conjunction unites both your masculine and feminine sides.
Sometimes this can cause strained relationships, because you often do not know which ought to have the upper hand. Your active male nature or your passive female nature. Both sides are inseparably bound together.

When the Sun, the planet of self awareness, combines with the Moon, the planet of instinct and unconscious reaction, there is often great immediacy and a strong urge for action. Whatever is done, is done wholeheartedly.

Sun Conjunction Mercury

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You have a quick and perceptive mind. A lively intellect often leads to a nervous disposition – you can remain onsistently active for a longer time than usual without flagging. Your mental agility leads to versatility and you can wander into intellectual areas where ‘lesser’ folk perhaps would never dream of venturing. Your ideas and opinions are vitally important to you and you enjoy airing them in conversation. You know how to enter into a discussion and you can be a fountain of information at times, yet you don’t always make a very good listener because you sometimes tend to say and do whatever you happen tothink is significant.

Sun Conjunction Venus

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You express your affections easily – you’re very much in tune with how you feel in your heart of hearts, even if it doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to! This gives you a reputation for openness and approachability. You also have a great sensuality, and a liking for luxury and comfort, and will make sure all your appetites are sufficiently catered for at all times!

On the other hand, you may find it difficult to air problems or to talk them through, since you love to be surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere. The danger is that you may become too superficial. This conjunction can deny depth to our personality if you are always content to just smooth things over on the surface. You have a need for shared experiences, preferably with your life partner. Showing affection is an essential mode of expression for you. When you relate to someone it comes straight from the heart and you usually mean what you say.

Sun Conjunction Mars

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You could probably scale Mt. Everest before breakfast! Physical prowess and endurance come naturally to you. So does direct action. In a crisis, you will act impulsively and without regard for your own safety or the consequences of facing danger. Being very much in tune with your instinctive feelings, you’re passionate and persuasive – you act asou feel, which is usually pretty hot!

With others you pull no punches and your not one to be easily thwarted. But, though your quick to flare up, you are not usually one to bear a grudge. You have great capacity for hard work and you set your sights on solidchievements, also on the honour that goes with it. You may take an interest in sport, especially the morephysical, exertive types, and have a fondness for high-risk sports.

You know where you stand in life and are not afraid to make your position clear. Others may become apprehensive of you, as you seldom mince your words. At times you can be more forceful than you realize, and unintentionally cause disputes and disagreements with others. So restraint is advisable as there is a tendency to act before you think.

Sun Opposition Mars

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

Even if you’re placid and calm – which, in fact, you’re not! – you still manage to attract the kind of person who ends up wrecking the front room in the process of saying goodnight. In other words, you’ve met some pretty heavy people in your time. You yourself succeed in keeping your emotional violence hidden for most of the time but, at increasingly frequent intervals, you find yourself blowing steam out the top of your head!

Your capacity for hard work can amaze others at times though even you have a tendency to take on more than you can handle occasionally. Your concious behaviour may often be at odds with your ambitions and desires, and at times can lead to recklessness. Your concious mind simply can’t keep up with your physical body once it becomes charged with ambition. It is for exactly this reason that this aspect crops up many times in the charts of people who are accident prone.

Once every two years the planet Mars will be opposite it’s natal position and conjunct your natal Sun and it is around these times that tensions will build up, making you very accident prone. By obtaining a list of astrological times when this aspect becomes active, you will be more able to dissipate the energies that so often accumulate and result in minor accidents.

Sun Square Mars

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

We all have an aggressive side to our nature – how much we indulge in it is only a matter of degree. In your case, it’s not necessarily your own aggression which might create conflict, but your over-reacting to the aggression of others. In other words, those who value their health better not mess with you!

Your capacity for hard work can amaze others at times though even you have a tendency to take on more than you can handle occasionally. Your concious behaviour may often be at odds with your ambitions and desires, and at times can lead to recklessness. Your concious mind simply can’t keep up with your physical body once it becomes charged with ambition. It is for exactly this reason that this aspect crops up many times in the charts of people who are accident prone.

Sun trine/sextile Mars

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

It’s usually easy for you to convey your instinctive feelings to others, often leaving them in no doubt as to where they might stand in your particular scheme of things. Of course, this can produce both positive and negative results. You have a vibrant, passionat  nature, and one which takes challenge and adversity pretty much in their stride.

You have good executive ability; initiating new projects and putting ideas into action come easily to you. You can work well with others providing you let them take the initiative occasionally; even if it was your idea in the first place!

Sun Conjunction Jupiter

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

Your nature contains all that is best about being human. Granted, we all have this potential, but it’s these extra philanthropic qualities which actually rule your outlook and make you the warm, rich person you are. Of course, too much of a good thing can become top heavy at times and even you have your off days. Then you become depressive and burdened and wonder if it’s all worth it after all. Well, it is – so worry less and get on with what you do best!

You can become a real achiever in life. You run on pure optimism at times and have enough self – confidence to make it to the top of any profession. Financial and material comfort will almost certainly come to you throughout your life.

As you get older your desires for growth will slowly start to shift. The emphasis on material wealth will diminish as a deeper yearning for a more spiritual attitude to life slowly develops. You will almost certainly travel widely at some point in your life, both mentally and physically.

Sun Opposition Jupiter

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You’ve got a heart as big as a house, and enthusiasm to match! You’re always the first to accept a party invitation, and then you’re the last to leave. Indeed, you’re what might be termed a ‘bon viveur’ – someone with a zest for life. Well… having an abundance of expansive feeling can also be put to more lasting, constructive use. Just imagine what riches you could gain from harnessing your uplifting optimism to your intuitive faculty. Surely this is the first ingredient of greatness! But…….one thing you need to understand is the difference between truly amazing ideals that can be put to good use, and blind optimism that can make the most impossible of ideas seem quite feasible! At times it is hard for you to admit that something cannot be done, for when your jovial energies are flowing you fail to see, or even accept, any of the less desirable traits of your character exist! Your right of course… but when the initial excitement of your ideas or endeavours begins to wane, many previously over-looked problems can suddenly come to light. If you can learn to spot these problems at the start, well… the sky is your limit!

Sun Square Jupiter

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You’re exceptionally aware of all the grand feelings and emotions, the drama of being human. Sometimes, however, you have difficulty in confronting these issues head on and then they begin to overwhelm you. For example, you have a feeling for religion but, if you haven’t come to terms with this, religion for you will instead be reduced to the level of superstition. Indeed, black cats and lucky charms may haunt you wherever you go but, deep down, your capacity for understanding spirituality is enormous.

The Sun represents your attitude and approach to life through your developing characteristics. The planet Jupiter expands on everything it touches in the chart. This aspect can lead to exaggeration or a ‘bending’ of the truth. This is fine for making an average acount of life into a wonderful tale, but can very easily reach the borders of what is real and what is fantasy if not kept in check. If you do not really relate to this then ask your friends!

Sun trine/sextile Jupiter

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You’re self-expressive and demonstrative with your instinctive feelings. People know you for your warmth and sense of occasion. You have a great flair for drama, and appreciate the same quality in others. However, at times you go overboard, and all these wonderful things over spill into parody and exaggeration, and then you begin to resemble someone who has more showmanship than dramatic feeling. In other words, being intelligent – as you are – means it’s your responsibility to stay smart all the time!

Sun Conjunction Saturn

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You have such strong feelings of self awareness and vulnerability which if not kept in check can make you very essimistic at times. you tend to adopt an attitude of caution, of wanting to bet on certainties, and of expecting the worst. This makes you feel like you are functioning very efficiently as you always allow for almost anything that could go wrong. This can make you very self-disciplined and hard on yourself. You are capable of working long hours and are able to carry a considerable weight of responsibility.

However if you refuse to look on the bright side of life now and then, you wont encourage much positive action from others. You need to see yourself as others see you, for you do tend to hide behind an impenetrable mask where you feel safe from all the uncertainty of life. The trouble is that all the anxieties are still there. The insecurities that plague you at times are very often a product of your imagination, life just isn’t as harsh as you tend to see it.

Your ability to put structure to things can make you very efficient in your work or career but does it have to be applied to every aspect of your thinking? You really should try to avoid being too stiff and unbending and learn to let go of existing structures and patterns, and just occasionally try something new and exciting. After all the fear of anger is always worse than the actual danger.

You work well within a sphere of planning and order and feel the need to impose these qualities on almost all your ersonal and professional activities. That’s fine in theory, but you do run the danger of perhaps trying to regiment feelings which should really be better off running their unrestricted course . In other words, if you’re in love, be loving; if you’re doing the accounts, be exacting; if you’re fired up, be passionate.

Sun Opposition Saturn

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

There is often conflict between your ego and your self confidence. When you feel your confidence waning your ego tries to compensate, or rather over-compensate. You’ll often talk with a great air of conviction laying down the law about this or that. Yet inwardly you almost find it impossible to believe that anyone would be taking you completely serious. You may be over-critical and cynical at times and people may resent you for it. You need to remember that others only see the image that you portray to them and not the sensitive and vulnerable person you sometimes are.
But isn’t that the side of your character that you try to hide from people by instinctively lashing out at them, in both a negative and positive way, for fear that someone will get too close? The trouble is this only leaves you withdrawn and isolated while others go their merry way carrying their negative image of you. Everybody has a sensitive side to their nature but it is from this level that people really communicate, it is where true friendship has it’s foundation. if stop fearing your own insecurities so much you just might start liking yourself, allowing others to follow suit.

Will you make order out of chaos, or chaos out of order? If you apply the gentle touch it might not be enough; if you try too hard, down will come cradle, baby and all. Structure and organization are naturally sought after by any intelligent person – what matters, though, is the degree to which you graft these qualities on to behaviour patterns which need to be allowed to flow ‘au natural’. The struggle between inhibition and freedom in your own life is strong and, when the former is dominant, you might find that, say, your psychic faculty is correspondingly active, for that which is repressed will scream until it is heard.

Sun square Saturn

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

Ever get the feeling that, when others see you coming, they bury their heads in their hands? Why? Because you’re so driven by whatever bee happens to be in your bonnet that you become almost clinically hyperactive in pursuit of that goal. Some people find that kind of driving energy just a little too over-whelming. Of course, you may not know what goal you’re chasing but still invest the same amount of manic energy into running around in circles. At which point we, the suffering onlookers, all groan and bury our heads in our hands! You have a certain negative attitude to the world that needs to be overcome. Whether it is at an early stage in your life or in old age is up to you, but until it is you will bring frustration and disappointment to yourself and others through self-centeredness, coldheartedness and an overconcern with materialism.

Sun trine/sextile moon

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You don’t have any problem with emotions and feelings. You find it easy to express yourself, either directly to the person that matters or more generally through a creative outlet. However, you could find that such efficacy sometimes makes you feel the need for a reassuring jolt from the ‘real world’ in order to escape a feeling of blandness. You’re not bland, of course, it’s just that you glide through life’s emotional crises and others mistakenly think you’re bland!

Your creative powers combine well with your ability to put form and structure to things, making you very ingenious at times. The resonance of these two very powerful energies lead to creative thinking which you can bring to bear on difficult circumstances; you tackle problems with great determination and a strong desire to resolve them.

You feel quickly at home wherever you are, though you may become lazy and inattentive, and often ignorant to the real extent of problems. You find problems easy to live with. This could cause problems to be over-looked and allowed to grow, instead of being nipped in the bud. Overall you have a good balance between being and feeling.

Sun trine/sextile Saturn

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You have an instinctive feel for structure and order, and the desire to make everything run according to patterns and rules. These qualities you apply to both your personal and professional lives. However, sometimes you slip and what was once order becomes chaos; what was structure degenerates into bedlam. Why is this? Because, like all of us, you too can be guilty of complacency. It’s no crime, of course. All you have to do is remain eternally vigilant when guarding that which is dear to you.

Sun Conjunction Uranus

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You’re restless, disruptive and unpredictable. You have a constantly changing mind, setting your sights on forever altering objectives  Though it may sound as if you run around within a circle of confusion, this is not actually the case. More to the point is that you’re ceaselessly mentally active, needing and creating stimuli in order to project your ideas and get a hearing.

You have a strong sense of your own individuality. Something inside you says that you’re different from the rest. This aspect in it’s most negative expression displays itself as rebelliousness something that you should be quite familiar with! The point is that you have this inner desire to change things which you consider to be out-dated or set in a rigid routine. This can be anything from the personal habits of others to the politics of the world. Your certainly not the type of person that gets stuck in outdated ways of thinking. You are always looking for new ways of expressing your uniqueness. One of your lessons in life is to learn not to be different just for the sake of it. Albert Einstein had this aspect in his chart and look at what he achieved.

Sun Opposition Uranus

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You have a great deal of nervous and emotional energy; indeed, you feed off these very qualities. You’re what’s known as ‘wired up’, ‘highly strung’, ‘plugged in’. In company, therefore, you’re often the one who’s either the life and soul of the party, or the thorn in everyone’s side! Nobody can quite tell which way you’re going to swing from one day to the next – and neither can you. This instability can give rise to eccentric, even perverse behaviour; equally, it can create some of the most lasting and memorable contributions to the creative field that have ever been, or ever will be, produced.

Sun Square Uranus

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

At times, you can be counted amongst some of the world’s most infuriatingly contrary people! Whether you realize it or not, others often think of you as hot-cold, on-off, stop-start – anything, in other words, but constant. It’s as if something within you won’t allow you inner peace, or the ability to be reflective long enough to build a permanent foundation. However, all this apparent disruption can be turned to real purpose and, as much as you chop and change, you do actually have a correspondingly proportionate power for creativity. The trouble is, you seem to have a dislike for routine and procedure, usually because you can always think of a more original method or approach; or more simply because you’re being downright rebellious!

When it comes to social organizations and groups you would make a good leader, especially groups that espouse human brotherhood. However, you can make vehement enemies if your antagonism is aroused enough through some real or imagined injustice. These tendencies only manifest occasionally but they do tend to crop up at critical times in your life. This aspect tends to make you live your life at a very high tempo. It is hard for you to calm down and almost impossible to stagnate; it is as if you have a deep rooted hatred of any form of restraint. The area of your life where this can cause the most problems would be in your persona  relationships. Your ideal kind of partner would be somebody who is as independent, and as original in their ideas and attitudes as you are.

Sun trine/sextile Uranus

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You have a knack for attracting people who are recognizably different, even eccentric. It’s as if you deliberately – if unconsciously – seek out those who possess these qualities, for they fascinate you. In fact, the more unconventional they are, the more attraction they have for you. Perhaps part of this attraction is motivated by you yourself having a tendency to deny these same unconventionalisms in yourself. Therefore, because everything needs an outlet, your own eccentric or rebellious behaviour finds a healthy release by living through that of others. Because of your need to maintain your independence, you have an aversion to being told what to do. You like to do things your way. This can appear as rebelliousness to many. However, what many fail to recognise is that you actually support this type of independence in others too… We are all free
to live our lives as we please… Many of your attitudes serve
to remind people of this; consider yourself as a living advertisment
for personal freedom…

Sun trine/sextile Neptune

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

It’s very easy for you to wander off into the astral, into that other dimension where everything becomes vague and dream like. All too easy, in fact. So, one of your biggest lessons in life is how to get out of the boozer and into the real world! One of the best ways of doing this is to translate what you feel or experience in that other dimension into something creative which others can share with you. In this way you’ll pass on something to others which people generally may not be able to experience themselves directly. Think of yourself as a teacher of dreams!

Sun Conjunction Neptune

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

Others are always accusing you of being dreamy, of having your head in the clouds and your feet on the bottom of the ocean. It’s as if you just sail through life oblivious to all that’s going on around you. Well, this is not actually the whole truth. Dreamy, yes, but oblivious, no. In fact, you’re all too aware of life, all the pain, the suffering, the disappointment. It is these painful things you feel so acutely. But, in order not to let your sympathies overwhelm you, you adopt an attitude of being unaware to prevent others thinking of you as soft, or sentimental.

Sun Opposition Neptune

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

At times it’s difficult for you to reconcile yourself to the more aesthetic and esoteric aspects of human experience, and you develop an antagonism towards them. However, this never lasts for very long because, really, you’re only too fascinated by it all and your awareness of that ‘other dimension’ is therefore somehow always straining to be present. Indeed, the tension between your moments of doubt and faith can produce those experiences which others might describe as unearthly or supernatural.

You may find it difficult at times to confront people, to say what you really think as this makes you feel uneasy. You do not like to hurt people and therefore do not like to argue or fight with them. It is more your style to help rather than fight…

Sun square Neptune

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You seem to be perpetually battling with what you want to achieve in life and what actually comes to pass. Sometimes it appears that everything you attempt comes apart in your hands – the reverse of the Midas touch – leaving you overwhelmed by feelings of defeat and failure. But, chin up! The problem – if that’s the appropriate word – is not with you, rather with the relationship between you and the project in hand. The question to ask of yourself is: ‘could I better apply my talents to something I more fully understand and let someone else take the rap for this one?’ Call it the art of looking before you leap.

You have a tendency to delude yourself at times. Your imagination can rule your rational thinking processes to the point where you do not know what is real and what is not. Sometimes your imagination can cause you to fear things that in reality are of no threat whatsoever. Your imagination can also give a great boost to your self-confidence by taking you think that you are greater or better at something than you actually are. When taken to the extreme you can experience what could only be described as a mild form of manic depression. Your lesson in life is to keep your imagination in check and to learn which areas it can be applied to in it’s most creative and positive expression.

Sun trine/sextile Pluto

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You work in harmony with the changing face of the world at large. That is, what happens in the public sphere both at home and abroad seems to have an influence somewhere along the line on how you think and feel about yourself personally, and yourself in relation to the world generally. Self-evidently, you are not isolationist the more obscure events which occur in the socio-political field, and which perhaps pass others by, have a way of filtering through to you and becoming part of your mental library.

Sun Conjunction Pluto

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You’re fascinated by the movements of world events and very much want to be part of them. You want to be involved in such a way as to feel that somehow you’re actually helping to shape them, not that they are merely shaping you. Therefore, established institutions and schools of thought have their place, for within them there’s a space for you to enter and cast influence. You can also be easily drawn into control issues and should avoid this spilling into your personal relationships. You see deeply into personal situations and often pick up psychic emotional energies from other people. What you pick up is often hard to put into words and can cause you to react to people and situations in a way which is hard to explain. The worst side of this combination is feelings of vulnerability and/or paranoia. You are more sensitive to the hidden forces of life than even you probably realise…

Sun Opposition Pluto

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

The world at large – its institutions, its schools of thought, its social fabrics – fascinate and, at times, overwhelm you. You feel you must be part of it all, and actively pursue a life which will maximize your involvement in the field of external events. But, at other times, it becomes all too much for you and it’s then that you start turning into yourself. You then run the danger of letting your apprehension about the big bad world develop into a severe case of ‘us and them’. That is, paranoia sits on your shoulder like a raven. Well, a raven has wings: better to fly than peck at the grit on the ground! You need to exercise great care in your choice of partners as you have a tendency to choose a partner who would act possessively and be dominating. This aspect is related to your past life where you developed an almost tyrannical attitude to those that you formed relationships with. This aspect usually signifies a karmic relationship with your father.

Sun square Pluto

Posted by admin on January 30, 2010

You often feel preoccupied with the powers that be, whether those powers are the government, the police, or the local rat-catcher. What matters to you is that, by virtue of their position, these powers have authority, and it’s the very concept of institutionalized authority which seems to intimidate you so. Of course, such intimidation is not necessarily a negative thing at all. It may compel you to get out there and “tell it like it is”. To quote a well worn phrase. In other words, the way you relate to your personal paranoia’s can be extremely helpful to others who have similar reactions, for you can place yourself as a buffer between aggressor and victim.

You tend\ to swing between all out openness and truth, or you shut yourself in behind your own personal psychological wall. Whether you are in or out at any one time is often down to your mood at the time. One thing’s for sure you tend to always keep one eye open and one ear cocked. Look at it as a kind of healthy paranoia…

You don’t miss much when it comes to issues of control, strategy and under-handedness.