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Your Moon sign

Posted by admin on March 1, 2012

Which sign of the zodiac was the moon in, on the day you were born? The moon spends around  two and  a half days in each sign.

Your moon sign reflects your inner needs, shows who you are at home, your family and security, the moon turns tides and emotions.

Moon signs below

Moon in Aries

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

Being naturally persuasive, you can easily draw others into your circle, giving you a feeling of power. When this
translates into an emotional context, you could end up believing you can conquer the opposite sex at will. Damn it all, you can! You react very quickly to emotional stimuli, and always seem to have enough stamina to carry you through demanding situations. Others like your directness, and also your single-minded approach once you’ve decided on where your affections lie. You’re volatile and touchy, but sincere and demonstrative, too. You can convert your feelings into actions, which gives others a sense of being in fresh and exciting company when they’re around you. Sometimes, though, you might go overboard with your enthusiasm and dive headfirst into a relationship when, really, you should have employed more caution and judgment.

The mixture of Mars and the Lunar element of the moon can give you sometimes almost a Venusian glow. You will display warm feelings strengthened with the certainty of emotional self confidence. Being easily offended, you can take criticism very personally, on occasion somewhat lacking the wider perspective of a world view. However, you are spontaneously affectionate; impulsiveness can produce impromptu explosions of feeling, but these outbursts are forgotten almost before they begin… You like to get on with it…

Moon in Taurus

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

They say slow and steady wins the race: well, in your case it’s true. Emotionally, you play a waiting game, where you observe and weigh the fundamental value of a person or situation before committing yourself one way or the other. Your feelings come from a deep source, as if they rose up from an underground well. Having travelled all that way, it’s hardly likely they’ll just turn around and go back to their origins.

Your dependability is a virtue, and you will stand by your partner through thick and thin whatever the cost. Be careful, though, not to let your sincerity cloud your better judgment as, at the end of the day, you’ll be the one who suffers. However, this warning probably doesn’t even have to be said for you are, in fact, especially clear-headed. That is, you normally possess good judgment and insight into the dynamics of your relationships. At the root of this awareness is probably that oldest of human instincts, self-preservation: you’ll give your all, that’s for sure, but you won’t allow it to kill you!

Stability is seen as an emotional necessity, and the key to your happiness. Change incurred by external influence is not easily accepted, as it contradicts your self-determinate approach. Consequently, the overriding objective is to choose a personal strategy in order to secure stability on your own terms. An expedient route to this end is the adoption of conventional principles, as this implies the least amount of threat to the pursuit of your personal goals, thus making the desired objective that much more easily attainable. In any case, you are deeply loyal, with abundant emotional fertility. When fulsome feelings are denied expression, brooding and moodiness can

Moon in Gemini

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

Your friends give you a sense of belonging, and it is this security which bestows upon you your greatest emotional strength, for it makes you feel part of something special. Your dream, in fact, is one of being twinned to someone with whom you can walk through life hand in hand, bound in the first instance by a vow of mutual friendship, out of which love proceeds to grow.

It is very important for you to have some element of intellectual trade between you and your partner as this is a source of emotional stimulation. Words and conversation spark in you certain trains of thought which create inroads into your emotional terrain. Understanding your inner nature gives you a platform from which you can oversee the actions of others. Thus, ‘physician heal thyself’ is a particularly powerful axiom for, in clearing your own back yard first, you provide a haven for others. Don’t commit the cardinal sin, though, of setting yourself up as a standard against which you then measure others; the purpose of self-education is, as you know, not self-adulation, but to disseminate gifts of the spirit.

Your emotional life can become integrated with that of the intellect, thus you could develop a somewhat rational approach toward affairs of the heart. You might apply rationale to some issues, where to ‘feel’ one’s way through perhaps would be truer to the spirit of things. The imposition of mind on feeling on occasion can result in emotions being broken down into their components for the sake of analysis. The positive aspect of this is that, when the mind is satisfied, any emotional attachment that may follow is cherished for its having stood the test of investigation. Those nearest and dearest will represent sufficient social stimulation for you; you will rarely need to go too far further afield.

Moon in Cancer

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You’re a very emotional person. In one way or another, your feelings rule your life. You have a strong receptivity to atmospheres, often responding to the hidden qualities of people and situations. When others ask you to explain why you react in a certain way, you’ll say it’s ‘just a feeling’ you have.

Whichever sex you are, you’re very open to the more ‘feminine’, finer, side of things. (Not that masculine feeling isn’t fine, it’s just that here we’re talking about the traditional association between what is called feminine because it’s sympathetic, tender). Moreover, you frequently need to be not only self protective, but protective of others, also, while you try to avoid contact with harmful and emotionally damaging influences.

When you attempt to hide your sensitivity, you do so by constructing an impenetrable emotional wall. The reason for this is twofold: a) to prevent you appearing too ’soft’ to others; and b) to allow you to act more in keeping with the daily rough and tumble, thereby screening your vulnerability.

The Moon is Cancer’s ruler, thus it is ‘at home’ in here. Therefore, you will show emotion in a pure form, possibly
assuming a certain power over others, who might be fascinated by the free expression of subconscious forces. Conversely, because of the Moon’s affinity with the subjective state, it’s being at home can indicate an umbilical connection with childhood: an unchallenged emotionalism could imply that no restraint is being placed on memory, causing you to be dominated by retrograde feeling. Nevertheless, your sensitivity to the past can make you very receptive to a concept of ’soul’, soul being associated with ancient descent. Your generous emotional compliment should alert you to an occasional tendency to self-indulgence.

Moon in Leo

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You’re certainly a warm-hearted person, with full, demonstrative feelings. Your partner is never in doubt regarding your loyalty nor, indeed, the depth of your affection, as you show your emotions naturally and willingly. Your partner also must be of  a similar type – you really couldn’t maintain a relationship with someone who had to be coaxed into showing a little love and affection.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for emotionally, you settle in for the duration. Indeed, you flourish for staying with one person, for this allows you to go deeper into your own feelings, which you then convey to your partner. Constant to-ing and fro-ing would only dissipate this quality. This is partly the reason you’re so loyal, as you need to give generously in love for, the deeper you go the warmer you get; and that’s your real objective, to spread warmth.

Your emotions are heartfelt and steady, and a light, once lit, will not fade, but burn till you yourself choose to extinguished it. You do not suffer fools gladly: considerable pride in your own individual worth means you take offence easily. Pride unchecked, however, can over spill into pomposity, possibly sometimes making others sceptical of your sincerity; nevertheless, you expect sincerity as the essential ingredient in relationships. You express serious feeling with amiable humour, though a tendency on your part to over-enthusiasm could sometimes lead to an object of affection being unworthy of your attentions: a more psychological approach to emotions should be employed from time to time.

Moon in Virgo

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

Emotionally, you keep yourself to yourself. You’re very private and self-protective, giving away very little in public, or to people generally. But, with your chosen partner, when the lights are down, it’s a different story altogether. Then, you let down your defenses and reveal just how rich and warm are the gifts of your heart.

The dynamics of your emotional life take place within a private arena, being kept very much to yourself. Consequently, you can be very shy, making it difficult for you to identify and inter-react socially, possibly reulting in isolation. Emotional solitariness can bring a lack of confidence, and your natural desire is to remain withdrawn. Artistic expression – music, writing – is thus sometimes sought as a vehicle to liberate emotional content. Your quality of feeling can be extraordinarily refined, almost to the extent of being oversophisticated, making it perhaps further difficult for you to find a comfortable partnership. Beware of a tendency to be over-analytical, for this can take the substance out of emotional issues.

Because you remain private in public, others often misjudge you as being aloof and detached, even cold. To be misunderstood is, for you, the lesser of two evils. You’d rather have it this way than reveal your inner nature to the masses, so to speak. Indeed, it’s not just that your shyness prevents you from doing so, but you’d consider such public display positively harmful to your emotional health. Your feelings are for you and your chosen few and those few are all the richer for coming into contact with them.

Moon in Libra

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

It’s very important for you to be in a relationship. That might sound trite but, when you think about it, for a great many people it’s not actually that important. They may be married, or whatever, but only because convention dictates it, not because their emotional scales would be unbalanced without it. Yours would. By having somebody close to you you can see your own reflection, thus giving you greater confidence in facing the world at large. Being naturally communicative and chatty, you need to find an element of intellectual compatibility with your partner in order to establish a broader base for expression. Such exchanges allow you to develop mutual rapport. Moreover, mental and emotional understanding and communication encourage respect, such a necessary part of any meaningful relationship. That’s when you begin to flower, when you reach that stage of respect.

The existence of emotional faculties are seen as having their natural extension in relationships, and these are actively sought as a result, this Moon Sign rarely being unpartnered. Others are seen as a backdrop to the various scenes enacted in one’s emotional theatre: the dramatic analogy is pertinent, as Moon in Libra can aquire a sense of unreality, as if it were performing for others’ entertainment. The desire to impart one’s feelings to others, however, is great, as to give implies to receive. Liasons are thus sought, further, in order to provide oneself with a mirror: the amount of reciprocated approval determines the degree of emotional equilibrium. Importance is attached to a liason’s potential for intellectual communication.

Moon in Scorpio

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

The rivers of your emotional life run deep. There’s nothing shallow about your feelings, and nothing lightly given. Indeed, because you experience them so intensely you frequently find yourself bottling up and keeping your feelings to yourself, for to express them could be just too exhausting!

Being naturally sympathetic, you respond to many things which others might just pass on by. One could say you have an overflow of feeling to give, which needs to find a home. Thus, you’re often moved by others’ misfortune. And you laugh when others laugh; and then you cry into your hanky at the movies.

Of course, this superfluity of emotion must be directed. It shouldn’t be allowed to just float around without purpose. Emotional direction is something you should cultivate. Give your feelings to your partner: their response can give the strength you need to fortify your own sensitivity and thus be less inclined to feel vulnerable.

Your emotional intensity can make you very possessive, for the object of your affections is also the object of your desire. And you guard both your ‘object’ and your desire with jealousy. For you do not take kindly at all to others moving in on your very personal emotional territory.

The rightful element for Moon Signs is water. This by no means suggests that the Moon does not properly function
in signs of other elements, but the conveyance of emotions favours the watery signs. Moon in Scorpio has a profound emotional reservoir. Feelings are experienced deeply, though the varying reactions of others can be misconstrued as an attack on, and an indictment of, its credibility. Accordingly, a tangle of suppressed emotions can accumulate to the point where your Moon in Scorpio might believe it is being persecuted, responding to the ‘aggression’ by defensively striking before it is struck. Emotional experiences are therefore taken with a great amount of seriousness, though not always tempered with a proportionate measure of humour!

Moon in Sagittarius

Posted by admin on January 20, 2009

On an emotional level, you are a blend of loyalty and independence. At times, you’re up and down like a yo-yo. Well, you’re allowed to be. Think of your lighter moments as the comic relief in an otherwise serious play: the plot -your emotional life  will become overloaded if tone isn’t lightened every once in a while.

In the loyalty stakes you can’t be beaten, often having the vision to stand by those in whom others have no faith at all, convinced they will come good in the end. You’re extremely excitable, often flaring up to defend your allies, or to defend your own integrity. In the heat of the moment your emotions boil over, and you often express yourself with greatly exaggerated gestures, making sudden and alarming movements which scare the pants off your opposition. Well, there’s no smoke without fire, after all!

You are, indeed, what is called hot-blooded. Being an incurable romantic, you long for adventure and, in your more private moments, dream of yourself and your partner confronting excitements and perils in far-off lands – which, of course you both survive, thanks to your bravery and valour!

Emotions, or instincts, are in essence simplistic feelings which aquire complexity only with the admixture of psychology. Moon in Sagittarius produces emotional complexity, therefore, on two counts. Firstly, because Sagittarius itself is a naturally psychological sign and, secondly, because, as a sign, it spans a broad expanse of human activity, perhaps too broad for easily accommodating simple emotion. Feelings will thus sit uncomfortably within this combination- unless, that is, they are fashioned into a Sagittarian arrow and released with sufficient precision to strike a target. It is incumbent upon this Moon Sign to find an emotional direction, for without it the rich texture of feeling is aimless and lacking constructive purpose.

Moon in Capricorn

Posted by admin on January 20, 2009

You’re a very sensitive creature, really; your feelings are easily hurt. When this happens, your usual reaction is to
withdraw entirely and kid yourself you haven’t got any feelings anyway, and that you weren’t really hurt in the first place. It was just a difference of opinion, you reckon. Well, you’re wrong – and you know it. There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t have real flesh and blood feelings and emotions. However, as your sensitivity is so developed, you do need particular encouragement in your emotional life in order to express yourself with confidence. Otherwise, if you tried and were rebuffed, your sense of rejection would be overwhelming.

The person whom you choose for a partner will be rewarded with your unflagging loyalty and devotion. Your special emotional gifts are not easily found in others – so make the most of them.

In the Lunar cycle the Moon itself is furthest away from its ‘home’ sign- Cancer- when it is in the sign of Capricorn. Accordingly, this Moon Sign can suffer the loneliness of exile, creating an emotional landscape in which it might feel unwanted, rejected. In some cases, this can produce resentment, leading to a campaign of hostility being directed toward the source of contention. However, Moon in Capricorn’s tendency to habituate an emotional peninsula also suggests that its approach, because isolated, can be highly individualistic, and its feelings especially sensitive and finely-tuned. An innate understanding of pain can bring much compassion to Moon in Capricorn: you might actively seek to alleviate suffering in others.

Moon in Aquarius

Posted by admin on January 20, 2009

A good social life is the key to your emotional balance. Without it, you have a sense of drying up, of not letting your rivers of feeling flow. Party conversation and the free trade of ideas are as much an emotional fill-up to you as quiet evenings in with your loved one. Not everyone understands this. It doesn’t matter, go ahead anyway; you’re not hurting anyone just by talking!

Others sometimes consider you to be emotionally detached and undemonstrative. You have a reputation of remaining uncommitted and stand-offish. Cautious you might be – because your actions depend on prior observation before making your move – but uncommitted never. Indeed, once you attach yourself to someone,
that person becomes for you a cause c‚lŠbre. Then let other people scoff, for then they’ll be doing so through envy!

People with the Sun in Aquarius have a fascination with the unexpected: when it’s the Moon in Aquarius there tends to be a fear of it. In your case it is a subtle blend of the two. This may cause you to create routines in certain areas of your life where you fear change; at the same time leaving other areas wide open for change. This is an almost subconscious attitude to your life and one that can only be completely understood through careful self-analysis.

Aquarius is an Air- intellectual- sign. The incorporation of the subconscious Lunar element into the rational realm of Mind has- like anything else- its positive and negative aspects. The former can suggest that emotional issues are perhaps better understood when subjected to intellectual scrutiny; the latter might imply that an imposition of intellect on instinct is a contradiction in terms. Nevertheless, the mental face of Moon in Aquarius produces a predilection for communicative social activity, through which the emotional life is stimulated by an exchange of ideas. The tendency of Aquarius to view society collectively, though, can make this Moon Sign at times fail to perceive in different emotional experiences their intrinsic uniqueness.

Moon in Pisces

Posted by admin on January 20, 2009

Moon in Pisces

You great big marshmallow, you! If there ever was a softie, it’s definitely yours truly. Sympathy you have in abundance, and you’re constantly torn between this person or cause and that, as you liberally dispense your feelings. Your emotional source sure isn’t the local reservoir – it’s nothing less than the Amazon River!

Still, because you have so much going on emotionally, it can be exhausting even for you to have continual demands made on such a fragile commodity. Therefore, you might find yourself side-stepping people in order to deflect those demands. Practicably, they’ll accuse you of being elusive, even devious; but how can you say to them that the personal cost to you for showing them sympathy is just too great at times? At least, how can you say that in anguage that’s readily understood? Well, it doesn’t matter in the end. You’re rich enough emotionally not to let the ccasional detractor damage your personal integrity.

The shifting, fluctuating nature of Pisces can give this Moon Sign a certain elusiveness. Pisces itself is often unaware of the undercurrents moving through its own make-up; thus, Moon in Pisces is, so to speak, composed of of an unconscious sign combining with the subconcious Lunar element. Though the watery triplicity is the natural agent for the Moon, it does not necessarily follow that free-flowing emotion should be permitted to go unchecked, until it eventually breaks its banks. Moon in Pisces has a tendency to do just this, often resulting in a flood of self-perpetuating emotional chaos. Nevertheless, there exists here anabundant compliment of feelingfulness,
which has the ability to embrace almost every aspect of human existence with sensitivity.