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Mercury in Aries

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You are a brainbox. Ideas always seem to be floating around in your mind just waiting to be used. Mental activity is therefore not something you have to force; nor indeed do you have to strain too hard for inspiration. Of course, the point is that all these goodies should be formulated and put to good use; this is not always the case, however. Perhaps it’s a matter of having too much too often; perhaps you become overloaded. In other words, much of this mental energy often continues to bubble under rather than become fashioned into something coherent. Nevertheless, once the nut is cracked, there’s no limit to the precision of your mental skills. An active mind makes for an active body; hence you are nearly always on the go, even when you don’t have to be. Others get tired – you get strong!

Mercury in Taurus

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You have a strong and capable intellect, and one which takes naturally to the more contemplative, or reflective, way of thinking. That is, you mull things over while they gestate in your mind, rather than declare instant opinions on everything. Indeed, you are the kind of person to pick up in mid-sentence a discussion which might have taken place six months previously, coming in just where you left off with ‘as I was saying’.

Things tend to surface at the front of your mind, in other words, as if rising up from the depths; thus your opinion on any particular issue cannot be voiced until this process has happened, be it a minute or a month after that issue was raised. Well, you know what they say about slow and steady!

Mercury in Gemini

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You have a witty and lively mind. Anything that’s fun is fun for you. Lightweight entertainment appeals to you, and you often prefer short-term projects which don’t demand too much of your time or effort over those that are intellectually taxing. However, you do have an exceptionally versatile and adaptable mind which gives you an interest in a great variety of issues. Your problem is to sort out which of these you really want to pursue. Once your mind is made up, you can devote yourself to the task in hand, often to the exclusion of everything else – until, that is, you get bored! Still, many great achievements have been accomplished by those who flit back and forth between projects; for it seems that the enthusiasm to continue the first is born from an inspiration derived from pursuing the other, which is then ploughed back into the original. In other words, in your case, two heads are better than one!

Mercury in Cancer

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

Things make an impression on your mind rather like images do on photographic paper: they are graphically illustrated and cannot be removed. You are good at recalling past events, therefore, because you can easily conjure up a clear picture of the occasion in question. By the same token, you can often change your mind a thousand times regarding any subject before you finally come to a decision. Some might call this being evasive, but it’s perhaps more like feeling your way through, rather than being dogmatic about the issue at hand. When it suits your purpose, you can be very shrewd; you are likely to be good at devising schemes on how to avoid particular issues whilst still reaping their benefits – in other words, you’re an intellectual trickster, a born ‘creative accountant’!

Mercury in Leo

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You are mentally creative, often dreaming up all kinds of ideas that haven’t been thought of before; or, again,
thinking up new approaches to existing problems. Intellectually innovative, they call it. Ideas come to you as if out of nowhere, upon which you often act without a moment’s further consideration.

Sometimes you kick yourself later on, when you realize you really should have looked before you leapt. Nevertheless, spontaneity is the name of the game. Because of your tendency to pride, others may think you haughty or arrogant and, indeed, you can at times judge too harshly. However, you’ll find as you go through life, when you thought it necessary to adopt an attitude of superiority, it really wasn’t that necessary. The warmth which you are capable of projecting through your creative communication skills can command people’s attention and respect much easily and far more convincingly.

Mercury in Virgo

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

Sometimes you create problems for the sake of having something to get your teeth into mentally. You can develop a real fondness for all the complexities and intricacies that go with the problem solving process itself. Similarly, finer detail appeals because of its analytical value: you like to take ideas apart piece by piece and lay them all out in order to put them back together again, thus acquiring a working knowledge of the issue at hand. This constitutes both a pragmatic and practical approach. Being also mentally agile and quick, you can adapt to situations very easily, even if they bug the hell out of you! You might at times feel the need for isolation, just to be alone with yourself and your thoughts, for this is almost essential for you in order to maintain a clear view of things.

Mercury in Libra

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You have a rational and pragmatic mental approach which keep you in good stead when all around looks like it’s going to crumble. With anything problematic, you weigh up the pros and Cons before you come to any decision on how to handle the issue. Actually, this weighing process can, and sometimes does, prevent you from taking a decisive action, because you become so involved with considering the merits and faults of your problem that
you can’t decide quite what you’re dealing with and how to tackle it. On other occaisions, you are perhaps not considerate enough, and can adopt a ‘laissez faire’, or indifferent, attitude, hoping things will sort themselves out without any real help from you. It all depends on which direction the mental scales tip at the time!

Mercury in Scorpio

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

Mentally you have the power to sustain any goal for as long as you like; you will remain true to the idea once it becomes fixed in your mind. Indeed, it could be said that fixedness is one of the salient features of your mental process. Thus, once your mind is made up you do not change it easily, and it may become almost an obsession with you to see an idea through to the end. Thus you are often unwavering in the face of opposition; in any case, a strong mind is half the battle won. Your nervous constitution is also strong and resilient, giving you much physical stamina but, if the warning lights are not adhered to and acted upon in time, you go under quickly. When you do, you fall into a kind of no-man’s land from which it sometimes takes great strength to emerge. However, given your powers of mental determination, you always manage somehow to resurface anew.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You have a quick, adaptable mind, with a good appreciation of a wide range of subjects. At times you can show incredible mental enthusiasm which might lead you to take so much on board at once that, when it comes to communicating your ideas, your speech can come out garbled and confused. As much as you have the potential to become really expert on two, three or more issues, you often allow your mind to wander freely through a great many others, thus acquiring some knowledge about everything but becoming an authority on little. You have a knack of finding things normally obscure to others as being extraordinarily funny. No-one is quite sure whether this is due to your sardonic sense of humour, or whether someone put something in your coffee. Be that as it may, seeing the humour in things, and being naturally mentally versatile, means that you can talk your way into and out of almost anything; that is, you have the gift of the gab…

Mercury in Capricorn

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You have an independent mind and are quite capable of tackling any problem without referring to others for reassurance, in fact, it wouldn’t occur to you to do so. Often very resourceful and enterprising, you use your mind to bring you closer to your goals: that is, you don’t rush at them head-on, but devise the best strategy for attaining them. Mentally, you like to get not so much to the bottom of things but to the top: that is, you employ your mental faculties to get you as far advanced in the world as possible. You can often cast a calculating eye over the many paths you might take in life, and your ultimate direction is never arrived at accidentally, for it is the result of much premeditation and forethought.

Mercury in Aquarius

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You are broad-minded, and are often very open to new ideas, especially those controversial social issues over which others might take a less liberal view. Your openness, however, can overlap into areas which are sometimes referred to less kindly as ‘airy fairy’: like obscure religions and spiritualism, for instance. Despite your sense of fairness, you can, nevertheless, also be dogmatic, holding to your opinions rather than allowing for more flexibility. You are usually very articulate, finding that words come easily: your use of language often has an informed air about it. You have well developed reasoning abilities and can take others to task to such an extent that they are frequently reduced to jelly, being floored by your powers of deduction!

Mercury in Pisces

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

There are few areas of intellectual inquiry that do not interest you; you always seem to be chasing after one subject or another, no matter how obscure. You are very responsive to the hidden meanings in things, and are often more aware of the undercurrents than of the more obvious elements. Normally adaptable, you can turn your mind to a good range of subjects, which go right across the board, from arts to sciences to sports. At times this might be to the detriment of a more disciplined approach in that, in being diverse, you can also become scattered! However, the point is that you are mentally alive, and there aren’t many tricks you don’t miss. One word of warning: your mind is tuned to a very fine tension, and you need perhaps more rest than most to ensure that a balance prevails. Make sure you get your rest, therefore, otherwise confusion and chaos will reign!