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Ascendant in Aries

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You have a powerful sense of individuality, and will avoid situations in which you fear you might become just one of the crowd. You forge your own personal path through life, despite often flying in the face of conventional wisdom. It is a challenge for you to ensure your choice of direction succeeds, for success on these terms will make you feel you can plant your flag in the field of individual achievement. Success is therefore measured according to how true you
remain to your own ideals.

Being naturally impatient, you are quick to anger, but just as easy to placate. Moods come in rapidly-changing waves, and you are not inclined to brood. You can be outspoken regardless of possible consequences – you have  hat others might call a ‘publish and be damned’ attitude. This unapologetic and fearless characteristic ensures that there will be many occasions when you will be accused of being nothing but a downright trouble-maker! But without people like yourself, less lies would be exposed, and less liars would go unpunished, for you often combine your voice with a high moral tone. Of course, you can just as easily be an unprincipled, anti-social rogue, careering from tne enterprise to another without a thought for those whom you encounter! Whatever level of morality you choose, however, you can be sure of covering more ground than most in as half the time, for you have a restless compulsion to conquer and re-conquer, and a need to take up the gauntlet, whether or not it ever was thrown down in the first place. In other words, all the world’s a challenge!

You’re view of yourself at times can be rather slap-happy, perhaps causing an over-simplification of problems. You need to make your personal needs more important than your personal achievements.

The emphasis is on the head when Aries is rising and you may be susceptible to more headaches than most people, perhaps caused by a slight kidney problem or imbalance as opposed to overwork.

You have a great need for a permanent emotional relationship, no matter how many affairs or experiments take place – or, indeed, however independent the spirit.

You have not only a need to relate, but a strong desire to understand and be fair to your partner. These qualities will emerge at the deepest and most personal level; mere aquaintances or even quite close friends may never be aware of them.

Ascendant in Taurus

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

Despite often giving an impression to the contrary, you are in fact a very industrious person, with a great deal of energy for whatever project has captured your attention. You will get up at five in the morning if you think it is warranted, and just as easily burn the candle at the other end for the same cause. However, if a project doesn’t capture your attention, that’s another story altogether! Then you are at the very least indifferent, but more likely  you will be just plain couldn’t-care-less. In other words, you will give your all for something which personally motivates you, but if it fails to strike that personal note – forget it!

Being single-minded lets you keep the goal in sight when all around spells disaster. You will stand your ground until your determination brings in the desired result, setting an example for those who need encouragement.

Financially provident, you maintain an eye on the future, rather than live for the moment. Too often you have seen your friends fall by the wayside for want of more guidance. This has confirmed your view that money is for saving rather than for spending freely, for the more you save the bigger the ultimate purchase. Money, in fact, is a major preoccupation for you, and much of your time is spent perfecting a strategy which will ensure that you will never go wanting; the sums involved need not be astronomical, so long as they are steady and permanent.

Psychologically you would not feel whole until you can see around you the material proof of your success. You become established in your own kingdom and will often feel uneasy if you have to step outside of it: this signifies the importance of routine and security.

You may share some of the Sun sign characteristics of Taurus such as stubbornness and possessiveness. You know you are always right, and will find it hard to see anyone else’s point of view unless it’s identical to yours. self-knowledge will be acquired the hard way.

The area of your health that should receive the most attention is your throat and neck. Sore throats and ear infections should be given great care. There can also be difficulties with the thyroid gland. Any inordinate weight gain not obviously due to diet may be traced to this.

Your relationships with partners has to be intense and passionate as you are a very demanding person emotionally. You have a high degree of emotional energy that has to be “earthed” through your relationships. On the other hand it is equally important that commitments are not solely sexual; friendship between you and your partner will make it easier to cope with problems whenever they arise.

Ascendant in Gemini

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

Rarely do you like to be without a partner, for it is an essential aspect of your nature to feel twinned. You need to face life with someone on your arm, and all the better for you if that someone is a flattering reflection of yourself. However, you do have a tendency to act hastily, and this means that you might choose your ‘twins’ unwisely, out of the sheer necessity of having one. Your partners, though, find you colourful and easy company so, even if ometimes you do not love wisely, at least you love well.

Your quick, mercurial intellect, and your endless supply of one-liners, often make you, given the right time and lace, the proverbial entertainer, forever ready with an answer for everything. This can be either endearing, or get you into a lot of trouble, as you don’t always have the ability to curb your tongue when perhaps you should have backed down long ago! It is important to understand that this is not the same thing as being outspoken; rather, it is often just the innocent desire to be frivolous!

You are a social juggler and can be seen flitting from one scene to another in an endless round of chit-chat and banter. It would be a good exercise for you to record your thoughts on paper, as you will then see how easily they might be turned to self-education.

With that fast lively intellect, armed with an attendant supply of quick, mercurial quips: you are the proverbial ’smart Alec’. Your precocious and perceptive intelligence, gives you the appearance of being somehow overloaded with mental preoccupations, leaving you with a legacy of permanent distraction. Physically, you should be thin and agile,either with swift, elastic movements, or a ‘quirky’, nervous manner; even gymnastic ability. Novelty has strong appeal, as does humour, though you often find amusing that which others abhor. You like a laugh…

Ascendant in Cancer

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You have good intuition and a good appreciation of moral values, but you sometimes have trouble in putting yourself forward or convincing others of your point of view, despite how much you believe yourself to be right. This is because of your difficulty in maintaining a high self-esteem, for you are too easily persuaded that the world is a big bad apple and that the blame for this should fall on you. Well, we all know it’s a big bad apple but, as to you being to blame – who on earth can believe that? So, listen: enough with the negativity, please, and more of the up-and-at-’em! After all, you have special qualities – many of them unique, in fact – and others are keen to know more about them. For starters, the intuitive faculty mentioned above is not something liberally sprinkled amongst our lesser brethren. With that you can go far. If you have a musical ability, for instance, you will know already how invaluable it is for, either as a listener or participant, it allows you a greater appreciation than is usual. This is because of intuition’s empathic quality: its capacity for identifying with another person or thing and going through their experiences as if they were your own. Music apart, this same intuitive faculty is invaluable in your dealings with society at large, for it allows you to gauge others, to get a good appraisal of them without perhaps having to go through hell beforehand.

The ability to project yourself with self-confidence can elude you, leading sometimes to hesitancy, if not timidity itself. However, you possess the resourcefulness and enterprise to place yourself in strategic public positions in order to gain some social advantage. Hard-line singleminded ness can produce indifference to those beyond your normal concern; clannishness can result in a blustering patriotism. Conversely, a receptivity to atmosphere can create a sentimental yearning for spiritual experience. The latter is often positively channelled through creative outlets; that is, activities which depend on an intuitive approach.

Ascendant in Leo

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You have a confidence in your approach to life which allows you to enter into new projects with as little regard as possible for the pitfalls that might lie ahead. Hence you have the potential for sweeping along all kinds of people in your enthusiasm, for others generally do respond to the flag that flies the highest. Moreover, your sense of independence is strong, and you would be unlikely to spend too much time with those whom you might consider to inhibit your freedom of movement. Indeed, you need to feel as if you have as little constraint in life as possible.

Your dominating qualities exhibit the potential for capturing the lion’s share, in this case that of Personality.
You are the kind that loves performance and fun, and extovert activities which may not require too much intellec- tualism. You are metaphorically attracted to theatre, and those who need to assume a persona. You often over-enthusia stically subscribe to projects which might require a greater qualification for involvement, thus sometimes promising more than can be delivered: ‘all mouth and no trousers’. Nevertheless, this last accusation is deflected by your wearing your heart on your sleeve; not for emotional gain, but because it is full of warmth just waiting to come out.

You have an enormous sense of fun – and one which you take very seriously, if that doesn’t sound too contradictory! In other words, the ‘fun’ side of your character needs continuously to be catered for, otherwise you feel as if you are wasting away. Thus, you are a constant attendant at parties, or just convivial gatherings in general, like discos, pubs and wine bars. You like to play jokes on people, too, though they’re nearly always harmless pranks, not the malicious kind. In fact, you’re really just one big softie!

Your style is uncomplicated and direct, and you respect others who also lay it on the line rather than those who are devious and secretive. Indeed, this latter approach is one which you can find offensive for, when others start giving you the run around, it wounds your sense of dignity and pride, as it makes you feel as if you’re not being taken for the genuine person you are.

Ascendant in Virgo

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

Your professional life is very important to you for it provides you with the routine and reliability which you
consider to be so essential. It’s not that you actually like work, it’s just that you need to feel that there is a system and structure to your everyday life. If you have this, then you feel you have meaning. Doing the same thing at the same time everyday becomes therefore not a chore, but a necessary evil. Furthermore, your professional life gives you the the drive to build on your current foundations and, for that reason alone, you are prepared to put up with the minor detail – the nitty-gritty of daily existence – in order to create something better.

You are a notorious hypochondriac! When you have a cold, it soon becomes a flu, and then quickly escalates into all kinds of respirational and bronchial complications – and all this in the space of five minutes! Your cupboards are full of this medicine and that, plus a whole lot of others which you’re saving for a rainy day. Similarly, your preoccupation with health and bodily matters often leads you to become vegetarian, or at least to take the whole business of  nutrition very seriously indeed.

Sometimes you can adopt a rather differential attitude to others, allowing them to intimidate you unnecessarily per- haps, or just letting them take advantage. This, not unnaturally, secretly infuriates you. One of your chief aims in life, therefore, is often how to overcome your tendency to be submissive and find your self-assertion. Once you have you can outmanouver the cleverest of opponents with your sharp, analytical mind.

Ascendant in Libra

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You’re very active on the social scene. Not for you the observer’s role, looking at life over the shoulders of those
who are actively involved in all those exciting events. You want to be a part of it all – one of the doers.

Being a naturally gregarious person, and one who loves company, you like to have the support of a partner. Being in a relationship is good for you as it allows you to find your reflection. Self-image is high on your list of priorities: it matters to you how others see you, how they judge you. Therefore, you’ll cultivate your image in order to fit the one you wish to project, controlling as best you can how you appear to the world at large.

You’re very enterprising, and continually have more than one project on the boil at any given time. Indeed, you have a compulsion to keep active. Sometimes, though, because you might take up a project more through a need for activity rather than purity of interest, you may not always see it through to the end. Nevertheless, in this way you get through an enormous amount of activity and experience in life.

Often possessing an artistic appreciation, you’re inclined towards an involvement with literature, music or painting. Literature is frequently the medium which prevails: words fascinate you, whether they’re someone else’s or your own. Reading and writing therefore represent a wealth of interest for you.

Ascendant in Scorpio

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You have a good sense of your own individuality. You like to be noticed, and are flattered when others single you out for praise or attention. Nevertheless, you also have an equal need at times to be retiring, and to withdraw into the safety of your own self-protection.

Having a tendency to being possessive, you can over-identify on occasion with various people or things. Still, it’s
nothing you or others can’t handle: it’s not like your actions create animosity or anything. The only person who
really might start wobbling is your partner. No matter how attached they might be, they’ll also want their breathing space. So let go of the leash once in a while: it’ll pay dividends for all concerned.

You can be eminently reasonable, adopting a rational and fair-minded approach to whatever issue’s at hand. At other times you can be quite the reverse, and become heavily emotional, irrational. This is not a schizophrenia (because it’s not a genuine disorder); rather, you have two levels to your personality which interchange according to the intensity with which you react to any situation. A milder reaction on your part brings with it a more level headed approach; but once you become emotionally involved, it is your instinct which determines your reaction.

Your rigid policy of self-advancement leads you to an overt pursuit of power. Social inflexibility can lead to the
endorsement of your own values as the only alternative; power brings the opportunity to impose these values on
others. You derive satisfaction from believing that others owe you an alliegance, and that people generally are
beholden to it. Your personality is vulnerable to the lesson implied by ‘the harder they come, the harder they fall’.
Nevertheless, you are also capable of a feelingful, emotional approach, receptive to human intelligence, and using the personality as a sounding-board to gauge environments and atmospheres. As such, when you incorporate the softer emotional aspect of your personality you truly show your real inner strength which is one that other people can also benefit from. Consistancy and security in everything is important to you. Your talent in concentrating your energies gives you great perseverance but taken to an extreme you can lack perception of the broader view, while also becoming ‘tight’ and selfish in your priority for self-survival.

Ascendant in Sagittarius

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

Others often find you to be fascinating company, because you sometimes have certain mannerisms which can be quite entertaining. For instance, your words might come out in the wrong order, creating a humorous impression; or you might have a way of saying things which is not exactly tactless, but not exactly discreet, either! Physically, too, you can have characteristics which others find appealing: your limbs might look too long and gangly, for instance, or you might move in what others see as a comically erratic way. The point is, though, that should these features indeed be present, it is not because you’ve willed them to come about; instead they are a natural part of you. Therefore, you do not play them for laughs; you are expressing yourself as you are. If you ever get the feeling that others are laughing at, and not with, you, then those people had damned well better look out, for there’s no-one more sensitive to scorn than you!

Your loyalty can never be questioned. Once your heart has fastened on to someone else’s, then that’s where it stays, no matter what. Actually, ‘no matter what’ is a slight exaggeration for, if anyone transgresses your code of fide lity, then there is no other course of action open to you but to sever the association immediately, as there is no deeper hurt for you than this. Indeed, loyalty means being faithful in thought as much as in action, and this quality is something you sense from the other person instinctively; if you don’t, you know you must walk away.

Your energies are often unharnessed and scattered; the nervous erraticism often associated with thoroughbreds. The discipline of direction can escape you; though when it is present, it often acquires a mental aspect, the mind being used as a bow, whose arrows can convey a barrage of social comment and vision. You have the ability to offer an independently perceived interpretation of man and his universe. Philosophy and understanding life in terms of the greater whole is a fundamental component of your expression, and freedom is a necessary ingredient for your tendency toward exploration. Without freedom, nervous depressions are incurred producing a ‘complicated’ personality.

Ascendant in Capricorn

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You are very enterprising, and are nearly always out there where the action is, instead of looking on from behind. You go out and get things, rather than wait for them come to you. The beauty of this is that you seem to have that uncanny knack of actually knowing how to go about materiali zing all your objectives, no matter what the goals are or what the projects may entail. Your success is perhaps due in part to a coupling of your naturally calculating mind with your abundant physical energy; the combination makes dreams become reality.

You have a tendency to stand on formality, or to fall in with convention in order to camouflage your own indivi-
duality. This is not a fault, of course, but a disguise you adopt so as to function in society without drawing the
unwanted attention of others; in other words, your aim is to get along with your own business as efficiently and effect ively as possible. Given that the spotlight is not something you go out of your way to attract, you will nevertheless, seek it out if it provides a means for bringing your goal that much closer. However, being under the scrutiny and judgment of others usually makes you feel awkward, not because you can’t hold your own – far from it, – but because, despite your affinity with the public domain, you still feel somewhat inhibited about publiclyexpressing yourself too freely.

Your capacity for enterprise and organization can thus make you assume activities that serve and benefit society
generally. In so doing, you adopt a prudent and methodical approach to what you see as essentially climbing the ‘mountain’ of ambition.

Ascendant in Aquarius

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You have a broad view of life, and a broad appreciation of people to go with it. Your social circle reflects this. While absorbing many different fields of activity, you the go on to amalgamate what you learn in order to form your own opinions. And you do form opinions! You might be broad, but you fix your own personality in the centre, thereby creating a point from which you can evaluate other things.

You relate to people and situations pretty much on a mental level, always using your intellect as the judge, not your instinct or feeling. Indeed, you’re incredibly rational. This doesn’t get in the way of your emotional life, though in fact, it has no direct bearing on it at all – but your mind is the agent through which all experience is filtered.

Nevertheless, you have a great deal of physical energy, for your curiosity continually draws you into the outside world for new experience. It would be strange if you adopted an introverted existence: if that were the case, it would probably be due to irreversible external forces, not to personal choice on your part.

You are of ‘civilized man’; sophistication and rational objectivity naturally attend you. Your world is perceived
through an intellectual screen, continually spanning the spectrum of human endeavour from end to end, as if it were a radar. Mental capacity, therefore, is usually considerable and highly developed. Refined argument though, can mask an inflexible approach, and an unwillingness to modify one’s viewpoint. Through your objective approach to life, an air of detachment usually surrounds you which can cast a strain on closer relationships where emotions need expression. Social life should be full and rewarding, though the obligations of Mind can give you a burden of being over-dis criminating, thereby limiting your activities only to those which are intellectually justifiable. Relationships with friends and colleagues are often more enduring than more intimate ones.

Your sense of humour is well known. Others are constantly fascinated by all the remarkable quips which seem to fall off your tongue so effortlessly. Humour never exists without insight; in fact, there can’t be one without the other in the first place, for both are mutually supporting products of a fine observance of human nature.

Ascendant in Pisces

Posted by admin on March 28, 2009

You have a very open personality, and accommodate readily those influences which others might look upon as foreign, or strange. For example, you like watching ‘underground’ or ‘art’ movies; or, again, you’re likely to go for music which comes from almost anywhere – and which might sound like almost anything as well! Your openness, however, is frequently only a disguise, not necessarily a reflection of how you feel deep down inside. That’s a different matter altogether. But, it’s often an effective disguise, for you’re also a bit of a chameleon and change according to your surroundings.

Your approach to life generally is to wander through it, not go at it with a definite plan. A plan you may have at the beginning, but it won’t stay that way for long. Pragmatism is probably the correct word to use here. You learn and  adapt as you go along, weighing up mistakes and turning them to your best advantage.

Others frequently accuse you of being a ‘box of birds’. Well, it’s a bit unfair really: it’s just that you’re very enthusiastic, and gatherings of the clan, or any well attended event, will produce in you a lively response. Indeed,  one might say that your social axiom is ‘the more the merrier’!

Your tolerant and curious attitude takes you into many of life’s areas beyond the imagination of the less adventurous. In many ways, you’re an explorer – at least of your own environment, if not of the world itself.

Your purpose is to channel your personality into society: self-projection is thus the name of the game. However, you do not always manage to achieve this as your tendency to disperse your energies can make you wander, when you should be following one direction only. Therefore, you find it difficult to grasp a social niche, being buoyed long instead by the tide of society at large. Your receptivity toward fellow man, however, allows you to observe the panorama of human diversity with an equal regard for everyone, making you perhaps the most open of souls. Impressionability, though, can lead to gullibility, and you would do well to guard against exploitation.